My Top 12 Muslim-Friendly Travel Destinations.

“Travelling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” [Ibn Battuta] Alhamdulilah ever since I have been a kid I have always been fascinated with travelling, civilisation and history. It was only in my late teens did I really get the opportunity to explore this more […]


Seven Messages For Those Who “Leave Islam”

There is an Arabic expression along the lines of, “aslamat Sāra, lā zād al-Muslimūn wa lā qalat al-nasārā”, which literally means: “Sara has converted (to Islām), neither increasing Muslims nor reducing Christians”. The expression is sometimes said when a person leaves Islām, as an idiomatic “who cares?”. In any case, it […]

Why the Muslim World is Silent Over China’s Repression of Uyghurs

The future of more than 10 million Uyghurs, the Turkic-speaking Muslim minority in (what is now) China, is looking increasingly bleak and grim. The current massive crackdown by the Chinese government being waged against them, carried out in the name of “de-extremification”, has still not raised enough eyebrows. […]


Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh on Friday 28th December, 2018 officially commissioned the central mosque and school in Baama Konta Town, Wandor Chiefdom, Kenema district. The commissioning was part of VP’s festive season tour in the provinces. The second gentleman in […]

Al-Mu’minun Charity foundation in collaboration with Sierra Leone Muslim youth federation held a one day capacity building.

As a Charity Foundation based in Fourah Bay College, USL, we believe in developing human capacities, knowledge, skills and values for better transformation & sustainable organizational development. It’s against this backdrop that we organized a one day capacity building training in Leadership, Management & Organisational behaviour for some […]

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