Makkah pedestrian pathways provide integrated services to assist Hajj pilgrims

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The secretariat of the holy capital implemented a plan to pave and prepare pedestrian pathways at the holy sites which are now more accommodating to all pilgrims, including those with special needs, the elderly, and those who use wheelchairs.
The project included replacing the former asphalt and adding benches along the route, and rehabilitating the restrooms by renovating toilets and the lighting. It also includes providing free cold water during the whole pilgrimage journey on these pathways from Arafat to Muzdalifa or Muzdalifa to Mina.
The secretariat confirmed that paving the pedestrian pathways at the holy sites is an important initiative since 15 percent of the pilgrims take these roads.
The initiative was taken to develop services offered to pilgrims in performing Hajj with all ease and security, and to fulfill the expectations of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to serve the pilgrims.


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