Myanmar killers ‘as bad as Daesh,’ Muslim World League says

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Brutal attacks and open genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar shame humanity and represent the death of ethical values in the international system, the Muslim World League said on Wednesday.
The bloodshed in Myanmar was no less criminal than the terrorism of Daesh and Al-Qaeda in its extremism and brutality, the MWL said. It warned that the credibility of the international community was at stake if it failed to stamp out such terrorism in all its forms.
The MWL called for immediate intervention and support for the Rohingya, at both local and international levels. Global peace was at stake unless those involved in the violence were held to account, it said.
It urged the international community to take firm and effective action to end the massacres in Myanmar, just as it had with Daesh and Al-Qaeda, and to show determination in the face of organized terror.
According to MWL figures, 6,334 people have died in Rakhine state since Aug. 25, and 8,349 have been injured; 500 women have been raped; 103 villages and 23,250 homes have been burned to the ground; and 335,000 people have been made homeless.
The MWL restated its condemnation of sectarian violence aimed at any community, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, and said it had repeatedly condemned attacks on people of all religions.


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