Sierra Leone Islamic Web launched!

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After a full blown committed 8 months of hard work and grace, the long awaited Islamic  website and app have been delivered and launched to the people of Sierra Leone and beyond on September 17, 2017.

On his statement, Mohamed Keita, the founder and CEO of One Deen Technology explains briefly about the project and the motive of his company…

“First of all, we praise Allah for making this project a success and making us all witness this historic event today.

One Deen Technologies (the company behind this project) is an Islamic I.T company based in Sierra Leone that is geared towards serving Islam and humanity through technology.

Our goal is to provide different technological service and make technology readily available to mainly the Muslim Community, as that is our own target.

Our Vision is to see a world where Muslims can be able to use technology to benefit themselves as well as Islam positively.

The Sierra Leone Islamic web is an initiative that we develop in other to help provide authentic Islamic Information in Sierra Leone and beyond.

For over a period now, as Muslims living in Sierra Leone, we are yet to have an Official Islamic website that will promote the development of Islam in Sierra Leone. Unfortunately some young Muslims across the nation access websites that might give them the wrong information about Islam as there are many fake and anti-Islamic websites on the internet which will subsequently destroy the aqeedah (faith) of the young Muslims unknowingly to them.

Among the goals and objectives of this project is to:

  • Raise awareness about Islam in Sierra Leone and beyond.
  • Promote works of our national Scholars.
  • Provide authentic news both in Sierra Leone and beyond.
  • To serve as a counter measure against any form of terrorism

Among others.

With this website, one can be able to get updates about Islamic news (both locally and international), Lectures (both our national and international lecturers), easy search locations, recommended websites (from Dr. Bilal Philip’s best comprehensive list), Ask the Scholars (questions and answers answered by our own Scholars), First Islamic shopping in Sierra Leone, live Islamic TV channels, and many other feautures.

You can visit the website and download the app at:

We pray for Allah to bless this project and the motive of the company for the development of Islam in Sierra Leone. We appreciate and thank to all those who supported us and we are open to any partnership, coordination, collaboration for the development of Islam and Muslims.”

Mohamed Keita


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