Sheikh Khaled Yasin in Liberia!

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Inspirational speaker Sheikh Khalid Yasin born in 1946 and converted from Christianity to Islam living in Manchester, England and lectures in the United Kingdom and many other places visited monrovia, liberia on a grand lecture at one of Monrovia’s stadium on October 22nd 2017.


A brother who witnessed the spiritual atmosphere at the stadium expressed his view about the event on social media:

“I have watched him many times on Youtube but Sunday, October 22nd, I had the opportunity to see Sheik Khalid Yasin live on stage in Monrovia, Liberia.

Since his arrival in Liberia, the prominent Islamic scholar and preacher has received rock star treatment from the Liberian Muslims many of who have seen his videos.

To the Liberian Muslims, Sheik Yasin’s preaching and the issues he discusses are quite different from our traditional Islamic preachers in Liberia. The Sheik emphasized so much on Muslim and Christian unity in Liberia that it seemed more like an interfaith gathering, even though there might have been only small number of Christians among the sea of Muslims. Whereas our traditional preachers would preach about hell and all the things that would take you there, Sheik Khalid Yasin emphasized how Muslims and Christians can come together to make Liberia a great and prosperous nation.

He see them all as Africans and how their common African heritage must be the basis of their coming together for mutual progress and developments. He talked about the history of Liberia as a whole touching on the Transatlantic slave trade which took millions of Africans to the Americas and the return of some the African Americans to Africa leading to the establishment of a nation called Liberia.

He charged against the European colonization of Africa and how Africa’s wealth is been exploited for the benefits of those who enslaved and colonized Africa. He urged Liberians and Africans in general to take what belong to them (the resources of Africa).

In essence, the imminent Islamic scholar’s preaching was more contemporary, motivational and inspirational and lots of people left from there feeling very uplifted. His preaching reminds one of the late Malcolm X who was assassinated in 1965, the year Sheik Khalid Yasin embraced Islam. Since then many people have embraced Islam because of his progressive contemporary message. Yesterday at ATS, 19 non Muslims converted to Islam. The shiek administered the “shahada” to them infront of the multitude.

I hope our traditional Islamic preachers will learn something from the learned religious scholar and preacher. Instead of focusing whole day on hell and who is going there, let them focus more on motivating and inspiring their followers with positive messages.”



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