Youth In Action For Empowerment, Development And Advocacy-sierra Leone Sensitizes about “No Violence Election Campaign.”

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In the midst of the current national election campaign atmosphere in Sierra Leone for the March 2018 Presidential elections, Youth In Action For Empowerment Development and Advocacy-Sierra Leone (YAEDA-SL) is a youth advocacy organization that is geared towards enhancing the affairs of youths in society. This can be evident in there recent three day preliminary sensitization in 10 schools within the municipality of Freetown on the 15th,16th,17th November 2017.
This campaign was initiated in order to maintain peace and eradicate the thought of violence among youths in society.
The bold and vibrant youth organization took up the responsibility to educate their fellow youths (more especially first time voters) to vote wisely, and not to vote because of colour, tribe or religion.
  1. Don’t vote because your parents belong to a particular political party, don’t vote because you belong to the same tribe, don’t vote because you were asked to.
  2. VOTE!! And it is your right!! but to fight is not your right!!
  3. Vote with your conscience,remember the decision you make in a voting will affect you 5-10years to come so make a wise and better choice.
  4. We have only one (1)Salone, this is our home!!. So think twice before you make decision.
  5. Don’t put your self interest before your country!!. Be civilized, responsible and mature citizens to work away from any form of violence. You walking away never makes you weak, it shows you are a responsible sierra leonean and that you love your nation.! No need for us to fight each other, at the end we are all going to laugh about it, and the politicians continue with their various agendas.
  6. Let’s tell politicians, we don’t need alcohol and other drugs to vote for you, but developmental policies.
The organization also showed strong support for an open presidential debate between the presidential candidates as a means to convince the public as to why they should vote for them.

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