Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition launches website.

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The Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) has launched a special website on the internet in three languages including Arabic, English and French, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
The site,, provides a platform for providing official information and data on the work of the coalition in four areas intellectual, media, counterterrorism financing, and military fields.
The intellectual aspect specializes in preserving the universal message of Islam, promoting the values of moderation, tolerance and the preparation of targeted messages to counter radical ideology.
The media side is based on producing digital, media and other informative content to refute the rhetoric and claims of terrorist organizations and extremists.
The third aspect focuses on combating the financing of terrorism in cooperation with relevant parties in member states, developing legal, regulatory and operational frameworks and facilitating the exchange of information to support the fight against the financing of terrorism.
In the military sphere, the coalition will help coordinate efforts, resources and planning, facilitate military exchanges, and contribute to facilitating the building of military capabilities of member states to fight terrorism.
The coalition also launched its accounts on a number of social networking sites:
IMCTC_AR @ Arabic
@IMCTC_EN in English
@IMCTC_FR in French
IMCTC_AR in Arabic
IMCTC_EN in English
IMCTC_FR in French


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