Saudi Arabia is leading the fight for true Islam, says Shoura Council speaker.

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Saudi Arabia is playing a key role in supporting developing countries, promoting peace and stability in the world, and leading the fight for the true Islam that is far from extremism, said Shoura Council Speaker Abdullah Al-Sheikh during the 10th plenary session of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) in Istanbul on Nov. 21.
“This meeting calls for peace and development in Asia, and the Kingdom has always been an influential country in this domain and is almost the No. 1 country in supporting developing nations,” he added. He also pointed out that Saudi Arabia calls for peace, and is a source of Islam that is based on peace.
The Turkish Parliament Speaker, Ismail Kahraman, on Tuesday launched APA’s 2nd Executive Council meeting and the 10th plenary session of the APA.
In his speech during the opening ceremony, Kahraman highlighted the importance of APA’s role in supporting peace, security and stability for Asia, its countries and people, and the importance of Asian parliaments’ roles in achieving these goals.
Burhan Kiaturk, leader of the Turkish delegation, welcomed the participating delegate from member countries and highlighted the importance of the meeting, which was organized under the title “Sustaining Peace and Development in Asia.” He also extended his thanks to the chairman of the 2nd Executive Committee, Nguon Nhel, and to Cambodia for heading the assembly during the past two years.
The APA was established in 1999 and currently consists of 42 member parliaments from across Asia.


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