Allen town Muslim youth wing has completed their annual Islamic competition for the year 2017

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The Allentown Youth Wing Muslim group in Allen town has just completed their annual Islamic competition for the year 2017.

The competition was held on sunday the 3rd december, 2017 at masjid ikhlas in Allen town, freetown.

For 3 years now, the allen town town Muslim youth wing has been organizing such Islamic programmes to further encourage young talented and dynamic youths in the country to engage in Islamic education, dawah and other Islamic activities.

This year’s competition category were Quran, Hadith and national Islamic question and answer.


The main judge for this year’s competition was Sheikh Farouk Adam Bah (A renowned Islamic Scholar in Sierra Leone). Other personalities who were present at the event was Dr. Muhammad Kullah Jalloh (A Phd holder in Fiqh).


The competition was done by selecting 2 boys and 2 girls from each masjid in the allen town community.

The main competiton which was on the Quran category was won by Ahmadu Tahiru Jagitay and the national question and answer was won by Mariam Jagitay and and another young talented winner for the hadith category respectively.



Credit: Ahmad T. Jagitay

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