Islamic School won 2nd Position in the Sierra Leone’s BECE national examination.

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International Islamic Academy School won 2nd Position in the Sierra Leone’s BECE national examination. (5 Students who got aggregates 9 from the International Islamic Academy School)

The International Islamic Academy situated in the middle of freetown at No 84 Circular Road has come out victorious in the Basic Education Certificate Examination 2017 ranking as the 2nd position in the country.

The School was founded in 2014 by the renowned organization- The Islamic Center for Education, Dawah and Research, freetown who is known for it highly educated personnel in the organization.

An exclusive interview was done with the School authorities and some of the pupils who scored the highest grades by one of our staffs.

When interviewed, Dr. Ahmad Ramadan Jalloh (Director-Education Unit of the Islamic Center for Education, Dawah and Research (ICEDR)) explained that the success of the International Islamic academy school (IIA) was really a great one especially to the image of Islam in the country. According to him, the organization have been longing to have a School where both the Secular english studies and the Islamic studies will be taught side by side, and that is why the IIA School was established by the ICEDR to help solve this problem with proper and quality education from both the curriculum.

According to him, the outcome of the result was not a surprise to them and it was mainly about hard work and he also added about the recognition Islam gave to hard work and uprightness.

It was amazing that this was the first time the school have ever sat to the BECE exams and they emerged 2nd in the whole country.

Dr. Ramadan Jalloh later encouraged the general public to send in their children to the school as they are determined to nurture all the pupils they have with the best modern and qualified education from both the Islamic and English syllabuses respectively.


An audio of the interview made with Dr. Ramadan Jalloh below:  

Another interview was done with Haja Fatmata Turay Tarawallie (representing the principal-Mr. Alpha Bah) who is the bursar of the School added that the School had 100% passes and 5 out of the 14 pupils that sat to the BECE exams got aggregates 9 and the lowest score was aggregate 19 from the 14th pupil. She also mentioned that the school (International Islamic Academy) took the 1st position for the whole of the Western Area district and 2nd position in the whole country (2017) and they are determined to come 1st in the whole country next year’s BECE exam, In Shaa Allah.

When asked about other schools that got better result with series of aggregate 6s (like the Sierra Leone grammar School, modern high school, etc) and how they managed to take the 2nd position in the country, she explained that their is a grading system by the  West African Examination Council (W.A.E.C) who are responsible for national examinations in Sierra Leone. According to her, the council grades schools based on average bases and the number of pupils each school sent and the number of passes with quality scores, she said it is not about the grades but the average number of passes all the pupils have in total for each school. For the International Islamic Academy, the lowest grade was aggregate 19! and they have five aggregates 9, two aggregates 10s, two 11s, etc!

An interview with the Bursar (Haja Fatmata Turay Tarawallie)

An audio of the interview below:

Alhaji Oumarou Jalloh and Isha Jalloh who are among the top 5 pupils with aggregates 9 that brought glory to the school by God’s will, said that the School have impacted them so much to focus on their studies, be disciplined, respect their teachers and of course they themselves attested that sleep less, play less and work hard!

The top 5 students with aggregates 9 at the International Islamic Academy

An audio of the interview made with 2 pupils who score aggregates 9 below:

The International Islamic Academy have really shown they are a promising school for parents to send in their children with quality education at the end.

The School is among the very few that teaches both Secular and Islamic studies with the same degree of focus from both sides, apart from the English subjects, they offer 7 Islamic subjects also which includes arabic, hadith, Quran, fiqh, conversation, etc.

To contact the school administration, you can contact them at No 84 Circular Road, Freetown or call them on: +232-78-782-652

Reported by: Mohamed Alhassan Jalloh
Islamic News Reporter
Sierra Leone Islamic Web
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