Bin Baz Quranic Center stages their 2nd Qur’anic Competition.

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The BIN BAZ QUR’ANIC Centre has staged its 2nd Qur’anic competition on Sunday, 17th December at the Masjid Ibrahim Mosque, Crojimmy Community.

The BIN BAN QUR’ANIC Centre is an Islamic institution that aims at teaching kids the sweet recitation of the holy Qu’ran and other vital Islamic subjects such as: TAWHEED, FIQ, and HADITHS.


In his welcome address, the coordinator of BIN BAZ, Brother Ansumana Keita said that the purpose of the event is to motivate, encourage and inspire the kids in order for them to have love and passion for the Holy Qu’ran. He said that the challenges are apparent and visible, “thus,  the society is very much unethical for the upbringing of the child, but with an Islamic learning centre like BIN BAZ by the grace of Allah we will be able to curtail such challenges.” Bro Keita says.

The Guest Speaker for the occasion, Sheikh Farouk Adam Bah gave a vivid lecture on the said theme: “Islamic Education as the greatest wealth for thy children”. He gave a clarion call to the parent that they should be enthusiastic to send their children to learn the Holy Qur’an.


“In the hereafter, none of us will be asked to read English, Literature or Biology” Sheikh Farouk warns.  He thus, congratulates and prays for the TEACHERS and encourages the people to support them.

The Judges for the competition, Sheikh Mohamed Kamara (Naan Sheikh) and Sheikh Alie Ahmad Kargbo announce the results for the three categories that partook and the winners were given grand prizes ranging from first to third.


The event was coloured with Qur’anic competition, Fiq and Hadiths presentations and a fund raising event. Thus, several distinguished personalities including Islamic organizations attended the occasion and the BIN BAZ gave out an outstanding award to personalities who have been contributing immensely towards the development of Islam in the Country and the world at large.

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Call: +23288224661/+23278081040

WhatsApp: +23277459773

Reporter: Ansumana Keita

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