1st National Islamic Awards Ceremony in Sierra Leone Concluded with Success!

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The 1st National Islamic Awards 2017 / 1439 A.H
The previous five years have marked a rapid development in the history of Islam in Sierra Leone, through activities undertaken by various Islamic youth organisations in the form of charity, Dawah, entertainment, etc. It is no doubt that there are still many young Muslims who are still in the dark and engaging in activities prohibited in Islam, but the efforts of these Islamic youths organisations have brought considerable religious development in the lives of young people across the country. 
One of such active organisations is the Youths in Action for the Development of Islam (YADI), that happened to be the first Islamic organisation to emanate from a whatsapp group, to becoming the most popular Islamic organisation in Freetown and beyond. YADI has been engaging in extensive Dawah on social media (with over 11 active Whatsapp groups) and traditional media. Since it’s founding, YADI has been known for its annual Ramadan Charity Project which has catered for vulnerable and poor communities, communities affected with natural disasters, orphans, the sick, etc. 
This year, YADI has organised blockbuster Islamic activity of all time in the history of Islam in Sierra Leone in the form of the 1st Red Carpet, National Islamic Awards Ceremony, which was staged at the Miatta Conference Centre on the 24th December 2017, with nominees across the four provinces of Sierra Leone under fourteen (14) different categories.
The project was started with series of consultations with renowned Islamic scholars, followed by a standard project proposal and a work plan. YADI went on to form an independent committee (comprising of respected sheikhs and Islamic personalities) who were charged with the responsibility to establish criteria for nominations in all categories and the nomination of deserving individuals and institutions for the Awards. 
The first NIA was strictly based on merit, owing to votes casted by the general public across the four provinces, which accounted for 40% of the votes and the independent committee which accounted for 60% of the votes,  giving us the winners who were presented awards in the following categories:
1. Best Islamic Organisation – Foundation of Islamic Information (SL) ltd (FOISIL)
(Western Area) 
2. Best School Muslim Jama’at – Prince of Wales Muslim Jama’at
(Western Area)
3. Best College Muslim Jama’at – Njala University Muslim Jama’at
(Southern Province)
4. Best Islamic Secondary School – Ansarul Islamic Sec. Sch.
(Eastern Province) 
5. Best Islamic College – Ansar Islamic College
(Western Area)
6. Best Munsheed (Artist) – Abdul Rahman Jalloh (Busy Man) 
7. Best Islamic Radio Presenter – Abdul Razak Sengeh
(Western Area)
8. Best Islamic Radio Station – Voice of Islam Radio 102.0
(Western Area) 
niaa - Copy_2017-12-29_11_21_26
9. Best Islamic Promotional TV – AYV Tv
10. Imam of the Year – Shk Abdul Karim Morie Junisa (Eastern Province) 
niaa - Copy_2017-12-29_11_21_49
11. Muslim Philanthropist of the Year – Alhaji Idriss Sesay (Eastern Province) 
niaa - Copy (2)_2017-12-29_11_22_21
12. Inspirational Woman of the Year – Haja Kadijatu Jalloh (Eastern Province) 
13. Inspirational Sheikh of the Year – Shk Farouk A Bah
(Western Area) 
14. Lifetime Achievement Award – Shk Ahmad Muhammad Barrie
(Western Area)
In his Executive Statement, the Executive Director of YADI, Mr. Amadu Wurie Barrie said: “No one can reward mankind for the efforts in developing Allah’s religion, other than the Creator Himself, but as an organisation, YADI decided to organise such an event, not to prove who is better than who (for that knowledge is only Allah’s), but to recognize the efforts of and show appreciation to people who have worked hard in the development of Islam, inspire them and others to do better and showcase outstanding Islamic talents in the form of entertainments”. 
Alhaji Ibrahim Talleh Bah (of Talleh Investments), who happened to be the major sponsor of this event, in his short statement, thanked YADI for their efforts and admitted that receiving the award of Best Islamic Organisation, on behalf of Foundation of Islamic Information (FOISIL) was an absolute surprise for which he and his team is grateful. Abdul Lathief Kargbo, the Master of the Ceremony, added that FOISIL really deserved the award. 
Sheikh Farouk Adam Bah (the man of the moment), who was awarded the Inspirational Sheikh of the Year, thrilled the audience and stormed the stage in his words of gratitude, when he sent special thanks to the women, admitting that he believes that the highest votes for him were casted by them. 
In his Vote of Thanks, Mr. Foday Conteh, the Secretary General of YADI, expressed gratitude on behalf of the organisation to all those who played diverse roles towards the success of the event and declared that the NIA will be back in 2018 with better standards (by the will of Allah). 
Reported by: Mohamed Salieu Jalloh
Liaison Director: YADI
To know more about yadi click: YADI

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    Amina says:

    Maa shaa Allah. May Allah bless you all who have done such a tremendous amount of work and effort for the betterment of the ummah. Jazaakumullaahu khayran fil dunya wal akhira ameen.

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    Shuaib conteh says:

    ماشاء الله May Allah reward you guys abundantly for your good work , this is something really important you guys are doing inoder to put our muslims brothers and sisters on the right track may Allah bless you all. .. Ameeen

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