Allen town Muslim youths displaying the importance of cleanliness in Islam.

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The muslims of the Allentown  Mayemie community engaged in a community cleaning today for the pleasure of Allah. This cleaning was motivated by Chapter 2 Verse 222 of the glorious Quran in which Allah says:
“He love those who repent and those who are clean”.
As muslims we love to be among the beloved of Allah. So we therefore engaged in this with the sole intention to draw closer to Allah. 
We are also motivated by the saying of our beloved prophet (pbuh) that:
“Cleanliness is half part of faith”
We thank Allah for seeing us through and pleading to others to do the same for the pleasure of Allah. We muslims , should be in forefront when its come to cleanliness. As all our acts of worships are tied up to both spiritual and physical cleanliness.
Lets uphold the teachings of Islam and implement them for the pleasure of Allah. 
Finally, I’m calling on all sierra Leoneans to hold on to the practice of cleanliness as it is next to Godliness. Remember, mosquito will not ask yur religion before biting , nor sickness will ask your religion before attacking. Together, we can make sierra leone a healthy place to live.
I will like to thank Bro Hillal (Youth director), the police barracks OC (Mr Ibrahim), youth chairman (Bro Kemoh), Masjid sawbireen One jamaat and all those who played part in the cleaning exercise. May God Almighty grant us the reward and protection from illnesses. Ameen ya Allah.
Reported by: Bro. Hilal Conteh

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