Islamic Scholar and Humanitarian Killed by Idol Worshippers between guinea and Mali.

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Indeed we are from Allah and to Him we will return, we have received a sad news that a prominent Sheik from Saudi Arabia by the name of Abdul Aziz ben Saleh Towaijiri has been killed between Guinea Conakry and Mali on the 16th January 2018 where they went to organise workshops for Teachers and Scholars.

It was reported that he was killed in the village of Kantipalandugu after teaching Sharh Kitab al-Tawhid. He was shot twice in the chest when he was on a motorcycle.

One of the Idol worshipers in the village sent four men to attack them (Him and his group including another Saudi Sheikh-Ahmad Almansur Alhusani but the later survived).
The Idol Worshipper said he did it to protect there Idols (Subhana’Allah).

Sheikh Abdul Aziz ben Saleh Towaijiri (The deceased) was a teacher in one of Malik Saud Secondary School in Riyadh and has brought lots of projects in guinea and most western African Countries.


Mr. Abdul Lathief Kargbo, the director of Foundation of Islamic Information (SL) Limited, the organization who was responsible in bringing Mufti Ismail Menk in Sierra Leone displayed his anger and worry on this very sad and unfortunate incident and urged all Muslims in any country to always serve as security and eye watchers for any Islamic Personality in their country be it National or Foreigner (For the Sake of Allah and part of Dawah).
His comments in this incident is below:

“I can’t just believe that Guinea will have such heartless individuals to kill Sheik Abdul Aziz who was in their nation to render help to the less privilege and preach the word of Allah,this ugly development is really worrying and will psychological affects international scholars to come to West Africa to propagate Islam.This will not shaken the fabric of the faith but the perpetrators will face the divine court of justice In Sh Allah, we ask Allah to forgive him and grant him paradise,Ameen”
-Abdul Lathief Kargbo-
-‎Director (FOISIL)

Source Credit: Sheikh Yusuf Kallon

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    On behalf of the Allen Town Muslims Association Youth Wing, This shows shows a true manifestation that we as African Muslims are still partaking in idol Worshiping which shows a symbol of the same thing that the previous people during the time of Ibrahim (A.S) were totally and entirely practicing. And later tried very hard to burn him on a wild fire but Allah did not Allowed them. We should now serve as watch Dogs to secure our noblel”National and International Scholars.

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