Islamic Organization in Sierra Leone (FOISIL) organized a One-Day Public lecture on Non-Violence and Peace.

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On the theme “Say no to violence because peace is priceless.” The Foundation Of Islamic Information (SL) Limited organised a One-Day public lecture to sensitise the public about the importance of avoiding violence and embracing peace always which is priceless.

Haja Hawa Turay (One of the Speakers) called on all Sierra Leoneans to refrain from Violence and support a peaceful electoral process. She further called on the audience to stand up and Join her in reciting the electoral pledge.

ASP Ibrahim Samura (Head of Media and Public Relations, Sierra Leone Police) started by informing the audience about the transformation of the SLP from reactive to proactive policing, that is interactive and trustworthy.

He said people has been so politically mad that one will be tagged with being an APC supporter just for drinking a vimto and an SLPP supporter just for drinking a sprite.

He further stated that people are frowning at the ban of vehicles on polling day, but the action is focused on keeping the electoral process secured as all political parties will be opportune to register their vehicles and those vehicles will be allowed to make movements on polling day. He said, all parties will be held responsible for breaking the law.

SLP will be performing elections specific duties instead of being in traffic duties and that checkpoints will be allocated at various places to make sure that the country is safe.

Inspector Samura added that the SLP will not succumb to any political pressure, threat or intimidation from any of the political party and they they have pledged not to take sides with any of the political parties.

Dr. Ibrahim Salieu Kamara (Islamic Personnel) started by thanking Allah and encapsulating that Islam is peace and that all prophets and messengers have conveyed the message of Peace and tolerance, adding that Allah has called upon certain group of people to be the best of His creation for they call on people to good and warn them from evil.

He further went on to say that we can make a change by various means; we can do so by using our mouths, our hands and our hearts as was advised by our prophet pbuh.

He further urged all Muslims to serve as peace ambassadors by settling disputes in our communities.

Dr. Ibrahim further stated that we should be patriotic as Muslims as all of our messengers have been patriotic and have fought against oppression; and that the issue of Human Rights have been mentioned in the Quran in Surah Al Ballad.

Dr. Kamara further informed that Islam sees violence as a very big sin quoting from the Quran that whoever kills a human being is as if he has killed the whole of humanity and whoever saves a life is rewarded as if he has saved the whole of humanity. He called on the people of Sierra Leone, especially the Muslims, to abandon tribalism.

NEC External Relations- Christopher Jones took the podium and started by telling the public that the issue of elections is in the hands of NEC, stating that there are 17 registered political parties, but made mention that there are petitions against few candidates in relation to the eligibility to contest for presidency.

Mr. Jones went on to read out the calendar of campaign and also oriented on the process of voting. He ended his talk by saying it is Haram for anyone to tell you who to vote or whom you voted for.

Sheikh Farouk (Islamic Personnel) took up by thanking Allah and went on to state that When Allah speaks about good deeds in Islam, the first things He considers are the minor things which are fulfilling the rights of your fellow man. Muslim as well as non Muslim.

He narrated the story of the lady who locked up and starved a cat for three days, earning herself abode in hell;

He further narrated the story of a Prostitute who earned herself heaven for giving water to a thirsty dog.

Sheikh Farouk said we do and promote good deeds but we fail to protect them. He added that A bankrupt person is not the one who run out of cash but the Muslims who have done a lot of wrongs to their fellow man like helping a candidate to win an election in wrong and unfair way. Performing election misdeeds is totally haraam in any mean.

He said suratul Hujurat is the ultimate solution to the problems of any form of societal violence.
He further went on to add that Muslim’s should observe electoral rules an avoid all Acts that lead to violence.

Reported by: Amadu Wurie Barrie

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