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Date: Saturday 17th March,2018

By FOISIL Media Team

The program was moderated by the foundation’s National Coordinator, Mr. Deamad Conteh. In his opening statement, the National Coordinator welcomed all who made it possible to attend and ask for continuing support to the foundation.

The Launching program attracted a lot of prominent Islamic scholars including Sheikh Farouk Adam Bah. In his remarks, Sheikh Farouk highlighted the importance of the Holy Quran in the following way:
That angle Gibriel is regarded by Allah as the best of all angels because of his role in delivering the verses of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
That Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is regarded as the best of all Prophets because he is the prophet with whom the Holy Quran was delivered as a guide and constitution for his generation.
That the month of Ramadan is regarded as the best of all months because the Holy Quran was delivered to Prophet in that month.
Sheikh Farouk thanked everyone in attendance and encouraged the Muslim Ummah in Sierra Leone to continue to show love for the Quran.

The Director of the foundation, Alhaji Abdul Lathief Kargbo officially launched the Fifth National Quranic Memorization Competition.

In his Launching statement, he clearly mentioned the criteria required of participants to qualify for the competition. Furthermore, he divulged to the general public that registration of potential participants commences today and will continue until April 6th, 2018.

Brother Bangalie Sesay, a member of the foundation announced to the attendants about Mufti Menk’s tour to Liberia and that FOISIL is currently organizing a trip to support our brothers and sisters in Liberia. For details on this tour, please contact Brother Bangalie on 099715219.

For more info Mufti Menk’s visit to Liberia, please click here.

The program was climaxed by the executive of The Mother of Faithful Aisha Organization’s leadership (MOFAO) who made a presentation of gifts to FOISIL and some of its executive members for their immense contribution to the promotion of Islam in this country.

The program ended with Sheikh Makka Bah doing the closing prayers.

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