Taha Funder: The Muslim Crowdfunding Platform.

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Taha Funder is a Muslim crowdfunding platform with the aim of connecting fundraising campaigns within the international community with the interested donors and contributors across the world. Over the past 2 years, the Taha Funder organisation has in a unified and transparent manner assisted more than 30 projects from 17 different countries, impacting the lives of more than 150 people with their fundraising activities. This includes (not limited to): sponsorship of a disadvantaged family for pilgrimage and education, equipping orphanages, publishing books, developing educational technologies, funding Islamic events, covering medical bills, making documentaries and much more.

Some of the more notable projects included empowering the victims within war-torn areas such as Syria and Myanmar. In the process, we have helped with the positive impact on around 2000 people in those countries by raising more than $500,000 through the crowdfunding campaigns. Taha Funder is now a trusted organisation among 1,700 donors and contributors from 34 different countries.



Below is an interview with TahaFunder about their platform and how you can get involved.

What was the problem that you saw that TF is looking to fill?

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs as well as having educational and professional experience in the field of entrepreneurship, my husband and I were eager to use our energy and expertise to serve the community. Our passion is to help the community at large. Combined with our entrepreneurial aspirations, this made us think about the existing problems within our community and how we can help resolve them.

One major area needing help was the fundraising activities by members of our community, charities, and organisations. These parties all had the same goal in mind: improving the lives of people in our community one way or another, but unfortunately, they often had little knowledge of fundraising, and each party was carrying out their own method of doing so using their own online spaces.

Taha Funder was set up to provide fundraising support to these parties, and to provide them with a unified manner of doing so on one single website. This creates a much-needed synergy within the community, and the traffic generated by campaigns is directed to a place were other projects could get the visibility they needed. We also carry out due diligence on the project owners to assure the donors of the legitimacy of the campaign and enhance the trust created through our brand. As a result, we are now a complete ecosystem built for the purpose of crowdfunding with the Muslim community, assisting campaign owners and assuring the sensitive donors and contributors alike. We also provide free fundraising coaching and marketing support to campaign owners to improve the chances of their campaigns succeeding.

How can you get involved?

There are a number of ways all Muslims can get involved in our activities. Crowdfunding campaigns thrive on word of mouth generated on social media platforms, so if you visit tahafunder.com and see a project you like, please share it with friends and family and encourage people to support it. A more obvious way of having a direct positive impact on campaigns is via financial contributions, and all projects can be supported from as little as $1 all the way to thousands of dollars, providing a range of donations for different groups of people. Moreover, different amounts of contributions are associated with series of rewards, including spiritual ones as well as perks in appreciation of donors’ participation in the campaigns. All campaigns are obliged to keep their contributors updated about the progress of the project and deliver the rewards promised.

For Taha Funder to be able to continue making a positive impact on communities globally, we are looking for partners to help us expand to the North America market by investing in Taha Funder project. We’re therefore open to investment partners to help us grow faster and get the brand out there through marketing and advertising. Taha Funder platform is attracting projects and donors worth $250,000 per year and can be a great addition to the portfolio of organisations involved in similar activities within the community.

Where do you see TF in the next year, 5 years, 10 years?

Our main aim is for Taha Funder to become a household brand and be known for revolutionising the manner of donation within our community. The act of charity and helping believers is highly encouraged in the traditions and values we hold as a community, and Taha Funder as a platform holds those attracting the donations responsible for communicating their progress to the community and following a transparent path in the fundraising process, clarifying what happens with donors’ money every step of the way through automatic updates. While we don’t aim to replace the charity boxes used in our community, we provide an alternative way of connecting the donors directly to those in need and keeping them informed. In future, we hope to be one of the main venues for fundraising for campaigns aimed at the betterment of the Muslim community internationally. Moreover, we would love to partner up with charities and organisations in Asia, Africa as well as other disadvantaged regions in need of support from our community of contributors and donors. This way we can make an even higher impact on communities less connected with the rest of us.

Source: https://themuslimvibe.com/social-issues/taha-funder-the-muslim-crowdfunding-platform

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