Bill Gates praises Muslim World League’s work in supporting rural health.

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Bill Gates acknowledged how much help the experience of the Muslim World League (MWL) in developmental health would be for his foundation’s future projects in Nigeria. He also expressed his admiration for the work of the MWL’s health center in N’Djamena, capital of Chad.
During his visit to the center, the founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation highlighted the medical efforts, the family care and childcare programs the center provides for the poor and the sick in the city, and praised the MWL for establishing the International Islamic Relief Organization, one of the best international organizations working on developmental and rural health.
Regional director of the league’s office in West Africa, Mahmoud Omar Flata, said the medical center consists of 16 rooms that provide health, technical and administrative services from a lobby and a dispensary to a laboratory and X-ray center, in addition to eight beds for men and eight for women, rooms for dental clinics, consultations and follow-up appointments for pregnant women, maternity, vaccination, technical supervision, administration and accounts.
The center also contains the most modern medical equipment, including a dental unit, laboratory equipment, an ultrasound machine, an electrocardiogram, a doctor’s office, a delivery bed and obstetric kits. The equipment is renewed periodically, according to health needs and medical developments.
The organization emphasized that their charity work does not differentiate between religion or race, and that the Shariah law encouraged members to contribute in feeding prisoners who were held captive after fighting for Islam.


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