Far-right ‘activist’ who claimed ‘Allah is gay’ gets lifetime ban from coming to UK.

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Lauren Southern said the Home Office permanently banned her because she had been ‘caught distributing racist leaflets in Luton town centre’.


Canadian Southern was filmed handing out racist material which said ‘Allah is a gay God’ and ‘Allah is trans’ in Luton earlier this year. She described the stunt as a ‘social experiment’ but police broke it up after getting complaints from the public, saying it could lead to violence. They also warned it could create a public order offence and that if she didn’t stop she could be arrested.


While she was not arrested during the stunt in February, Southern was detained at Calais when she tried to re-enter the UK on March 13. She was held under the Terrorism Act and banned from entering because her actions presented ‘a threat to the fundamental interests of society and public policy of the United Kingdom’.


Southern was said to be attempting to enter the UK to meet far-right figures Martin Sellner and Britanny Pettibone, who were both also refused. Taking to Youtube, the right winger said she has now been banned from the country for handing out racist material in Luton. Attempting to defend her actions as free speech, she said: ‘Why is it racist to say Allah is gay but not racist to say Jesus is gay?

Why does (sic) the rights of Muslims to be homophobic trump the rights of gay people to have their self expression?’ She also took a swipe at the UK, saying the country ‘needs to have a conversation about this before they’re no longer able to have a conversation at all’. Southern first came to wider attention during the failed ‘Defend Europe’ project, in which she attempted to interrupt the efforts of people who tried to rescue refugees drowning in the Meditteranean. Metro.co.uk has contacted the Home Office for comment.


Source:  http://metro.co.uk/2018/03/25/far-right-activist-claimed-allah-gay-gets-lifetime-ban-coming-uk-7415320/?ito=cbshare


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