Sierra Leone Islamic Web 2018 Quarter 1 Report.

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Message from the C.E.O on behalf of the Islamic Affairs Director of One Deen (SL) Ltd

“Alhamdulillah we want to thank all of our viewers of the

The Sierra Leone Islamic Web was indeed established for the sole purpose of delivering authentic Islamic Information in Sierra Leone and beyond, making Islamic information accessible to anyone in Sierra Leone and beyond regardless of distance or religion.

Since the establishment of the site last year September at the Miatta conference hall in Sierra Leone to December 2017 the website data center has received over 6,800 visitors who made over 13,000 views on the site ranging from different categories of interest including news, lectures, Quranic recitations, Islamic Personnel, google searched directed to the site, etc.

For quarter 1 of 2018 this year, we have received over 2,200 visitors from different parts of the world with America and Sierra Leone ranging as the top 2 countries on our list. From the +2,200 visitors this quarter, we had over 4,400 views from them on the site.

For a breakdown of the report, please kindly download the report below including last year 1 quarter below.

Sierra Leone Islamic Web Report for Q1 2018

Sierra Leone Islamic Web Report for Q1 2017

We will continue to serve for the sake of Allah and for the development of Islam using technology by the will of Allah. and we will also improve the website and add more contents as we proceed In Shaa Allah.

For any support, sponsor or advertisement on the site, kindly contact: +232-78-803-448

Continue to visit our website and Jazakh’Allah Khairan, thank you all once again!”

Mohamed Keita

Founder and CEO

Sierra Leone Islamic Web, One Deen (SL) Ltd

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