Ummah For Humanity Supports Muslims in Waterloo,S/L with food and drinks.

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By Bro. Abass

On Sunday 3rd June 2018, Ummah For Humanity supported Muslims in the waterloo community with food and drinks to enable them to break their fast. This action has earned the foundation more accolades from religious leaders in waterloo community for its timely intervention in this holy month of Ramadan.


It could be recalled that Ummah For Humanity on the 10th may 2018, launched the Muslims for Muslims initiative in a bid to help feed hundreds of poor and needy families in deprived Muslim communities for a whole month across Sierra Leone.

This move by the foundation is to provide its less fortunate Muslims with Iftar in various communities for a whole month. The head of the Foundation, Bro. Abass explained to the chief Imam of Masjid Sarrah, Sheikh Maligi kondeh that this gesture is to ensure that they uplift the financial burden on less fortunate families stricken by poverty in hard to reach Muslim communities.


Meanwhile, Information regarding the foundation and legal status was explained by the deputy director Bro. Sahid Sankoh. The chief Imaam commended the foundation for its effort. He went on to call this cause and help create a better society for the Muslim Ummah on the basic Islamic values.

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