YADI Launches their branch in Bo, Sierra Leone.

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As young Muslims grow more energetic and inspire the enthusiasm in the hearts of their fellow youths to improve their spirituality and develop the Deen of Allah, YADI has taken the lead in instilling the zest of Deen in the lives of young Muslims and attracting non Muslims to fall for Islam. This organization has, over the years engaged in Charity activities, youths capacity building, counseling, mentorship, dawah, education and entertainment; mostly in the Capital of Freetown and few in the provinces.


Given the opportunity to see how desperately the provinces needed such efforts of Deen by young people, Yadians became inspired to launch a branch at the heart of the southern province, Bo District. This was facilitated alongside their annual Ramadan Charity Project (RCP Vol-4) on the 3rd of June 2018 at the Bo School Hall.

In his speech on the background of YADI, the Executive Director, Amadu Wurie Barrie explained that YADI initially started as a whatsapp group called ISLAM FORUM, which later developed into what we now know as Youths in Action for the Development of Islam, making it the first Islamic organisation to have transitioned from a whatsapp group into a formidable Islamic organisation. He inspired young people to positively use social media informing that YADI has used social media very positively to attain the heights they now hold.

The chairman of the event, Shk Abdul Rahim Timbo, said “You can be up there with your Western education and still be a star in islam. All we need to do is sacrifice. These are students that are doing their best to pinch from their small cash in their possession to spend in Islam.

In his lecture, on the role of Youths in islam, Shk. Hadie noted that: Seeking knowledge is a great responsibility of the youths; reminding that amongst the first questions man will be asked in the Hereafter is how we spent our youthful age. He added that the role of the youths is to propagate and defend the deen of Allah as they are the engines of Allah’s deen. But as Quran says they prefer this world, while the Hereafter is more better Al-A’la 87:16
بَلْ تُؤْثِرُونَ ٱلْحَيَوٰةَ ٱلدُّنْيَآٰ 
While the Hereafter is better and more enduring.

The Guest of Honour in the personality of Hon. Billoh Shaw, after officially taking the honour of launching the branch, said that Islam is always progressive and it is progressing. He raised concern on the responsibility of the youths, pointing out that good manners, proper codes of dress and maintaining the Islamic doctrine should be their priority. He noted that with youths engaged in such activities, issues of drugs abuse, violence, etc would not be problems of this nation. He pledged allegiance and promised to support YADI in their future projects. “I felt like crying when I saw two of the little kids reading the Quran”, he emotionally put, before stepping from the podium.

Abdul Razak Jabba, the District Chairman of YADI Bo branch, expressed his gratitude to YADI Executives from Freetown and also the YADI Bo, district coordinator – Mohamed Jagitay, who happened to be the direct link for the establishment of the branch in Bo. He added that the membership of YADI is open to all Muslims in Bo Town and it’s environs. He disclosed that the Membership registration is 5,000 & monthly Contribution is 10,000.


Following the end of the launching, the entourage from Freetown, together with a cross section of the Bo branch executives, moved to the site of the implementation of the RCP Vol-4, where they donated assorted building materials including Double trip of sand, 50 bags of cement, 51 pieces of hard boards, pairs of double and single windows, doors and copies of the Holy Quran to Al-Ridwaanullah Tahfizul Quran Centre.


Receiving the items on behalf of the management and staff of the centre, Sheikh Timbo thanked the youth led delegation for their resilient effort in supporting Islam and made a lengthy duah for them. He added that the items will be put into the proper use and bids yadians not to forget the centre in the future.


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