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By Benson

All thanks and praises to the Almighty Allah the Creator of everything that exist. Blessings and salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad, his family, his companions and upon all those that follow their foot steps til the Day of Judgment – Aameen

The First Islamic Children Preaching Competition in Sierra Leone was organized by the Pulpit Foundation, an Islamic organization that is aiming to create Islamic Awareness on children and young people.

The competition was held yesterday the 24th June at the Hotel 5/10 and over 500 people attended this event. It was a very colorful competition and many of those who attended this event felt very passionate and emotional when seeing young Islamic Children preaching to them about the word of Allah and His Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him).

Many Islamic schools and organizations were present at this event and it was graced with the blessings of the Islamic Supreme Council of Imams, the Ahlul Bayt Servant Mission and other dignitaries from both the public and private sectors.

The program was flavored by the Ansarul Islamic School Calabatown with a welcome performance. Special motivational speech and performance was made by the Director of the Daqvah charity foundation, Alhaji Abdur Rahman Jalloh (Bizzy man) followed by our guest of performance – brother Saeed & Sillah (S&S Collabo). A very talented young lady by the name of Sister Rakiatu Jalloh presented a poem on modesty of a Muslim woman and hijaab which left the audience in tears. It was a very dramatic and emotional moment.

The Sheikh Tais Academy and the Imam Bundu Primary School were the two contesting schools that participated in this competition each with a seven participants. This happened after this foundation consulted many of the Islamic schools and did an audition with their pupils. In shaa Allah this foundation hope to get the corporation of all the Islamic Schools and organizations in the next year event to participate in the competition.

The winner of this year competition is from the Sheikh Tais Academy and he was crowned as an Ambassador for Islamic children in Sierra Leone. His name is Ambassador Alhaji Mawiya T. Sow.

We appreciate all those that attended and contributed towards the success of this competition more especially the teachers for the role they played in training these children. May Allah the Almighty bless you all – Aameen

© The Pulpit Foundation

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