Great Islamic Scholar and Philanthropist in Sierra Leone appointed as ‘Ambassador’ to Saudi Arabia!

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Following the appointment of ambassadors by the new Government of Sierra Leone, it has pleased H.E Julius Maada Bio to select Dr. Ibrahim Jalloh, a great Islamic Personality, Scholar and Philanthropist in Sierra Leone and also a PHD holder at the Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi who has  spent over 30 years in the kingdom studying and lending help to others.

Sierra Leone’s outgoing Ambassador in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has described President Juluis Maada Bio’s pick to succeed him as an “inspired choice.”

Alhaji M.S Kargbo says as a student in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for years, Ambassador Designate, Dr. Ibrahim Jalloh has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the Sierra Leone/Saudi diplomatic relations.

“I am personally proud of his appointment. There could not have been a better candidate for the job than Dr. Ibrahim Jalloh,” said Ambassador Kargbo.

He heartily congratulated his successor and wished him good luck in the discharge of his duties. He also appealed to Sierra Leoneans in the Kingdom to support Dr. Ibrahim Jalloh to have a successful tour of duty, irrespective of their political, regional and tribal affiliations.

Ambassador Kargbo was appointed as Sierra Leone’s Ambassador Extraordinary with Plenipotentiary in December 2013 and assumed duty in April, 2014. He presented his Original Letters of Credence to the former Saudi Monarch, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud in August of the same year. He was also accredited to the Gulf State of Bahrain, and the Syrian Arab Republic.

Dr. Ahmad Ramadan Jalloh who is also a great Islamic Personality, a PHD holder from the same university as Dr. Ibrahim Jalloh and also a colleague of Dr. Ibrahim Jalloh has this to say:

“Let me on behalf of we the colleagues of Dr. Ibrahim Jalloh extend our thanks and appreciation to all those who have expressed in their congratulatory messages their satisfaction and appreciation towards this long awaited consideration for Arabic and Islamic scholars. For those of us who know Dr. Jalloh very well have no doubt on his ability to deliver in this new capacity as Ambassador of our country to the land he has been groomed and educated to the height of PHD.

Let me share a little of what I know about Dr. Jalloh.
1. He was one of the most outstanding students in the Madina university that his name was written in a special board of excellence.
2.He is the first Sierra Leonean to bag the PhD degree in the Islamic university in Madina.
4. He is the only Sierra Leonean to win the Madina award of best research on his thesis presented for the doctorate degree.
5. He is the supervisor for all Saudi sponsored missionaries in Sierra Leone.
6. He is the coordinator and focal person for all Saudi visitors to Sierra Leone and one of the consultants of the Saudi Ambassador based in Conakry.
7. Recently he succeeded in bringing the UAE Red Crescent organization to Sierra Leone who have signed several developmental contracts with the Water and Health ministries and also the Al Huda foundation under Dr jalloh’s leadership who are currently undertaking numerous projects like Mosque and well construction, food aid housing, live stocks etc.It will be nice to note that the Alhuda foundation in Sierra Leone is presently constructing more than 100 Mosques and 200 water Wells across the country.
8. Dr. Ibrahim jalloh is also a volunteer lecturer at the Fourah Bay college university under the Arts faculty, department of philosophy and religious studies.
9. His contribution in bringing to standard the Ansar ul mission, the Islamic center at Circular Rd, the Voice of Islam, the Badru deen mission are all living examples of his successes .

If you add to all the above his modest character, intelligence and ability to communicate in both English and Arabic, you’ll start dreaming of what is expected out of him now that he has been empowered by H.E. the President to serve this nation in the blessed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Another notable advantage is that he would be the first Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Sierra Leone who will not need a translator. Alhamdulilah for everything.”
Dr. Ramadan jalloh.

Source:,MB Jalloh -SL Press Attache in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Ramadan Jalloh.

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