Sierra Leoneans Performing Hajj in Mecca, Saudi.

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The government of S/Leone through the Ministry Of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs in collaboration with the Hajj Committee set up by the government have provided good accommodation for all Sierra Leoneans pilgrims with proper care and concern for wellbeing and best hajj experience.

Both the First and Second batches have already performed their umrag and are now in Mina to start the hajj proper. For the days to follow, they will be in Arafat all day, Muzdalifah all day and then stoning of the 3 Jamrats (stones), back to Mecca for farewell tawaf and then to medinah to visit the Prophet’s Masjid and grave (even though this is not part of the hajj but it is preferred to visit his masjid and grave)

The Ministry and the Hajj Committee members want to assure all Sierra Leoneans (home and abroad) especially those whose relatives are part of this year’s pilgrims that everything is going on well and In Shaa Allah, our people will have the best Hajj experience this year without suffering for anything like food, accommodation, Medical attention, etc

Credit: Abdulai Bayoh. (Hajj Media)

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