• General Directorate of Passports said 1,001,783 had left Saudi Arabia
  • More than 2.3 million pilgrims preformed Hajj this year

JEDDAH: More than a million pilgrims have left the Kingdom after completing their Hajj, according to Saudi authorities.

The General Directorate of Passports said that out of 1,758,722 foreign pilgrims, 1,001,783 had departed as of 4pm on Sept. 6, 19 days after the climax of the Hajj. The “day of Arafat,” which fell on Aug. 19 this year, is considered the pinnacle of the pilgrimage. More than 2.3 million pilgrims spent the day in worship on the plain of the Makkah suburb, under the scorching sun.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman praised the efficient organization of the Hajj, which allowed the pilgrims “to perform their duties with ease, security and reassurance in a serene environment.” The king and his crown prince also thanked Interior Minister Prince Abdul Aziz bin Saud bin Naif, whose job as the head of the Supreme Hajj Committee is to ensure the successful implementation of the plans for the pilgrimage.

The king said he prayed for God’s acceptance of pilgrims’ prayers and their safe return to their homelands, and wished success for Islam and Muslims.



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