Saudi ministry reveals vision for Hajj technology Ministry of Hajj & Umrah shows how wearables and other technology will support future pilgrims.

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The video from the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah shows how each pilgrim will receive a wristband, earpiece and contactless card to support them through different stages of their pilgrimage.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has released a video showing its vision of how pilgrimage will be supported by advanced technology in future.

The YouTube video shows pilgrims being supported by a number of technologies, including wearable devices and contactless cards, reports.

The video shows how in future, pilgrims will register through an app from the Ministry, and will then receive a package including contactless card, earphone and wrist band before they travel.

The contactless card will then act as passport, to enable them to go through immigration control; train ticket to take the new Al Haramain train service, and even hotel room key, to eliminate the need to book in.

The wristband and earpiece will provide support services and advice for pilgrims, for example counting the number of circumambulations of the Kaaba, or providing audio cues as to which prayers the pilgrim should recite at certain points.

The earpiece will also provide information and updates, as well as acting as a smart translator so that users can speak to support personnel in any language. The smart band and card can also act as a tracker, helping to locate people who get lost or separated from their party.


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