The National Islamic Awards (NIA 2018) Officially Launched in Sierra Leone.

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As Youths in Action for the Development of Islam (YADI) prepare for the NIA scheduled to take place on 16th December 2018, the management have successfully staged the official launching of the event on Sunday 9th September 2018 at the Islamic Centre for Education, Dawah and Research (Voice of Islam hall) in the presence of the Press and various Islamic organisations in attendance.

In his opening statement, the Founder/Executive Director of YADI, Amadu Wurie Barrie thanked all represented organizations saying, Sierra Leone will only realise true sanity and positive peace when young people are engaged in religious activities. He furthered that the crime rate is due to the scarcity of activities that engage young people in positivity and productivity. He said the award ceremony is one that is serving as a catalyst for change and showcasing the beauty of Islam through thankfulness and entertainment.

Divulging the Background of NIA, the Program Coordinator, Mr. Foday Conteh explained the process through which the 1st NIA was organised, adding that this year’s event will be of higher standards as YADI does not just think Islam, but also tends to act International. According Mr. Conteh, the aim of the awards is to recognize and appreciate people who have dedicated their lives to the development of Islam and to clear misconceptions that Islam is a boring and violent religion, through stunning inspirational entertainment.


Taking the honour of officially launching the ceremony, the Project Director of Ihsaan Foundation SL, Sheikh Issa Ghalie Sesay, profusely thanked Yadians for such a laudable venture. He called on all and sundry to fully support this project, saying its a honour for him to be included in such a creative and Honourable program.


In unveiling the award categories, Brother Wurie said there are much more categories in mind, but due to sponsorship constrains, this year’s award categories include:
1. Best Islamic Organisation
2. Best Islamic Sec. School
3. Best College Muslim Jamaah
4. Tahfiz Centre of the Year
5. Imam of the Year
6. Inspirational Muslim Woman of the Year
7. Inspirational Sheikh of the Year
8. Muslim Philanthropist of the Year
9. Best Islamic Promotional TV
10. Anasheed of the Year
11. Best Muslim Journalist
12. Best Muslim Politician
13. Best Muslim Medical Doctor
14. Best Muslim Lawyer
15. Lifetime Achievement Award
Plus 5 honorary special recognition Awards


The Program Coordinator in simplifying the nomination process explained that all categories will be nominated by Scholars and heads of Islamic organisations in Freetown and across the provincials headquarter towns. These nomination, he furthered, will be collated by the field operations and Project Departments and forwarded to the Jury for approval of the final nominees. He added that the process will be guided by a list of criteria that have been developed for all categories.


So far, the official partners to the event include:
✅Talleh Investments ✈
✅K-Designs 💻
✅Voice of Islam📡

The Project Coordinator, Sanusie Janneh called on interested partners and sponsors to contact YADI through the following:

Head Office: 683 Bai Bureh Road Allen Town
Whatsapp: +23276724085

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