Motivating Tribute of a Muslim husband for her deceased wife.

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Her name is Hauwa Muhammad (Mummy) I call her Baby or My wife and she also calls me Baby or My husband.
You were brief in my life. Everything about us was brief up to your last breath.
We got talking around January 2017 and we became best of friends. You taught me the meaning and value of friendship which made me amused with your way of life; so simple and charismatic in nature. You were reserved but warm, very jovial and unassuming, sometimes one will lack the right words to define your attitude but above all you were very religious. You were an outstanding woman, very blunt on matters of advice and opinions. You always made good came out of every thing that came your way. You made me feel the beauty of love and care with you, worldly things were never your thing. The most amazing thing about you that I never got tired of were your smiles. They were so real you never faked them.
I remember vividly in April 2017, Aliyu & Aisha’s dinner @Nasfat Hotel in Minna, I asked you if you would marry me and you kept smiling without saying anything and you asked me why I had asked you that and I told you God created you just for me and you couldn’t stop smiling and that was how the beautiful secret relationship started. During our relationship, you always texted me to let me know that you would call me but wouldn’t say anything cuz all You wished for was to just listen to my voice and that was exactly what you would do. Neither of us knew that our marriage would come up that soon. We just knew something good was coming to us but we never thought it would be our marriage considering we were only 8 months into our relationship.
A month to our wedding, every known persons were invited and they were a little bit awed by the fact that we were even in a relationship. They had thought it was an arranged marriage.
The funny thing about all that was neither of us were ready for marriage but all our pleas went unheard by our parents and of course we plan and Allah plans, and He is the best of planners. We prayed over it with good faith and with Allah by our side, everything went smoothly. We got married on 23rd December, 2017. Masha’Allah beautiful ceremony it was with so much beautiful smiles all over us.
The journey of our beautiful lifes began without any obstacles. Allah in his infinite mercy made everything easy for us. Alhamdulillah you came into my family and you were loved by all. No one ever criticized you, you were a typical example of lower your gaze that Islam teaches us. Alhamdulillah you were not just a wife to me but you were like a mother to me. You made sure I did things the right way. You were always not happy with me whenever I didn’t eat on time.
You never liked it whenever I told you I would be traveling. Jazakillah you always made sure I had what so ever I wanted. Jazakillah for always making my meals. Jazakillah for the congregation prayers we always did together. Jazakillah for the care and so much love you gave me. Jazakillah for the recitation of Quran we did together. Jazakillah for everything you’ve done for me. Jazakillah you were my everything. Jazakillah you made your family members love me so much which I will forever be grateful to them. Alhamdulillah Allah made everything easy for you during the time of your pregnancy. You never for once had any pains they say women undergo during pregnancies “Allah is indeed Great.”
Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night and the first thing I would see was you steering@ me and whenever I asked you why you weren’t sleeping, you would say you were not sleepy. So we would get up and perform ablution and pray Nafila together.
You had said you loved the way I eat, it made you want to eat with me all the time. But that faithful Friday 31st August, 2018 after Friday prayers “Ina lillahi wa ina ilaehi rajihun” when We had lost our Baby. You had given birth to her successfully even though it was a stillbirth and she was buried on Saturday morning. Since then life wasn’t the same for us again especially you.
The pain started. All efforts made by me, both our families and friends to make you feel better again went in vain because only you and the Almighty Allah knew the pain you were going through not what all of us had imagined because God decided to hide it from us. Only the Almighty Allah knew why. “Subuhanallah”
Even on your sick bed you would call me as early as 5am to wake me up for fajr Sallah.
Immediately I offered my prayers, I would come over to my family house to see you and all you would ask me was to come sit close you. You would always rest your head on my laps and made me just hold your fragile hands in mine. Even on your sick bed you kept praying to God to reward my Mum and stepmom for taking good care of you and how you wished you got better quickly so that they didn’t have to get tired of you.
You showed me so many signs that you were going but I never noticed because God took that knowledge away @ that time from me.
You would call me and sit me down just to ask for my forgiveness in any way you may have wronged me. It always broke my heart and I felt really sad and worried that you even thought of such things because at that moment wallahi it always sounded to me as if you were saying farewell but I did told you I had forgiven you even though I told you that you had not done anything wrong to me. You’ve always been the good wife to me. Every night I would leave you @ my family house, you always didn’t want me to go, you always insisted on me staying longer.
You always insisted on me praying for you before I went back home. You always insisted I bathed you because you said I bathed you better than anyone would.
A night before your death, you insisted that I backed you which I did and you insisted I prayed all over your body before I took my leave and that faithful Thursday night you insisted I shouldn’t go, I should stay and sleep beside you but I had to go back home.
Even with you being in pain, you still found time and strength to make people laugh. On Friday which was your last day with me in this life, you called me as early as 5am to wake me up for fajr prayer as you made it your daily routine and you told me to get up and pray which I immediately did. You also told me to get you a Zobo drink when coming to see you which I definitely did. It was when I got to the house to see you only to find you restless and breathing so difficultly, calling me to come closer and hold you tight. All I could hear from you was that you were tried and wanted to just sleep.
I couldn’t bear it anymore because you were breathing so hard that I could hear the way your heartbeat was pulling subhanallah. You kept telling me you wanted to sleep for a while and I said no we would go to the hospital, and you would get your sleep there. And that was my last conversation with you dear wife. I immediately rushed you to the hospital and when we got there, your condition became critical.
Friday September 7th, 2018 (28/12/1439AH) is the day I will never forget in my entire life. It was the day I understood what it felt like to have a patient struggling for life in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The long stand, the long wait, and the hopes and all were just to see or hear a Doctor or Nurse tell me you would be fine. But Sadly, the Doctors and Nurses words and whispers kept saying in the same rhythm and chorus, “Pray for her.” They called me and asked me to sit by your bed side and be calling your name and also be praying for you, maybe, just maybe you might hear me and would have woken up. I wanted to cry so bad but the doctors told me not to, at least not in your presence. Just pray and she will be fine was all they kept telling me. I kept praying and you held my hand so tight and all I could see in your eyes were tears rolling down your face. You kept staring @ me but you couldn’t say anything anymore. The doctors kept telling me not to worry and that they were doing their best to save you. Before then, your pleas and appeals to everyone was always to put you in their prayers. Subhanallah What a coincidence! Could this mean that you had sensed you wouldn’t survive it? Subhanallah WaLLAHU Ah-alam.
No one had the slightest of idea that you were already bidding farewell to this sinful world.. You left this sinful world between 8:30pm and 9:00pm.
Ya-Allaah! We can’t question your will…
Kullu nafsi zaikatul maut!
Allah called you and you answered His call.
Allah called you because He’s pleased with you In Shaa Allah.
Only Allah knows why He decided to test me this way.
Ya Allah
Ya Gafur
Ya Rahman
Only He can give me the strength to bear this two lost @ the same time; my daughter and wife.
Kullu nafsi zaikatul maut.
We are all on our way, only Him knows when but it’s sooner than we expect.
I pray Allah be please with me also when he calls on me.
On behalf of my wife I wish to use this medium to ask anybody that my wife could have offended in any way knowingly or unknowingly to please forgive her and forgive me also in any wrongs we may have done to you.🙏
Ya Allah forgive my wife
Ya Allah forgive my wife
Ya Allah forgive my wife
Ya Allah grant her Jannatul Firdausi
Ya Allah grant her Jannatul Firdausi
Ya Allah grant her Jannatul Firdausi
Ya Allah make her my wife in Jannatul Firdausi
Ya Allah make her my wife again in Jannatul Firdausi
Ya Allah make her my senior wife in Jannatul Firdausi. Aameen
Ya Allah My heart is heavy.
I come home every day hoping you will open the door for me.
I come home every day hoping to see the food you’ve cooked.
I come home every day hoping to see you again.
I wake up every day hoping you will call me to ask what I want to eat.
I sit everyday hoping you will call my phone and tell me my husband come back home.
I weep every time I go home.
My heart is heavy to the extent I can’t feel the taste of anything on my tongue
Ya Allah see me through
Ya Allah Kara mani Imani
Ya Allah give me the strength and fortitude to bear this loss. Aameen
Last picture with her on our way to the hospital. Friday 31/08/2018.

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