Do you know there’s a Charity Foundation in Sierra Leone that offers free ride every Friday?

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“Brother are you guys for real? So you really meant it when you said we won’t be paying anything? Brother, this foundation’s name needs to be written in the Guinness World Record because I have never seen this in my life,” a passenger lamented as he was coming down the vehicle during DAQVAH Charity Ride on Friday 7th September.


“I feel so good to be part of this charity ride. Even though I’m a Christian, I am touched by this charitable act. Initially, I thought this was only for Muslims that’s why I even refused to take the handbill I was given while entering the vehicle but now I realized that this initiative caters for humanity no matter one’s religion, tribe or region. Our country will grow if only Sierra Leone could think beyond tribal and religious lines,” Christiana Tarawallie, another passenger commended DAQVAH.


These and many other comments, including beautiful duahs (supplications) from passengers have moved DAQVAH management to reach at a decision of providing free ride for passengers every Friday from 6:30am to 1pm. Management sees this as a great blessing and prayers for all those who donated their Le 10,000 for the purchase of this vehicle and it is also believed that such a charitable act would help to gradually change the mindset of many people who still think that reaching out or giving to the poor would cause a reduction in their wealth. The goal of such charitable act is to trigger Muslims and non Muslims alike to be charitable.


All we are now asking from you is for you to remember us in your duahs, so that Allah will continue to guide and protect the vehicle, it’s driver and conductor and the entire membership and staff of DAQVAH.


To be a member or to make donations to this charitable cause contact the details below:

DAQVAH Head Office
9 Main Bass Street, Brookfields

Reaching People In Need

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