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By Abass Gbla 
Ummah For Humanity, a Sierra Leone based Islamic charity foundation, on Sunday 23rd September, 2018, supported Ninety deprived children from different schools at Kroo bay community with learning materials. 
The donated learning materials include exercise books, pens, mathematical sets, rulers, sharpeners, erasers, pencils and English text books. The presentation was made at the Kroo Bay Community centre.
The traditional head of kroo Bay Community, Pa Alimamy kabempah on behalf of the community commended the foundation for bringing such a laudable initiative which addresses the educational needs of deprived children of the kroo Bay Community.
Speaking while distributing the donated learning materials, the head of Ummah For Humanity, Abass Gbla explained to beneficiaries and parents the overall objective of the donations, and maintained that “in the context of education for all (Free Education),all children should receive free quality education” but the reality is that thousands of less privileged families are too poor to benefit from the declaration, unless there are educational support or charitable projects that target their basic education needs. He however gave a shortened version of their charitable programs and acknowledged the need to reach out to less fortunate Sierra Leoneans with the objective to empower them through education.
He reiterated also that, the foundation will continue to initiate the Muslim community and donors around the world to advocate for the welfare support and education of orphans and vulnerable children in deprived communities.
Receiving the donations, parents and beneficiaries thanked donors for such a generous donations, and highly praised their efforts for supporting their children with basic education materials, and pray that donors would continue to support the education needs of deprived children in the kroo Bay Community.

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