Foundation of Islamic Information (SL) Ltd and the people of Sierra Leone welcomes yet another International Islamic Scholar in Sierra Leone.

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The Foundation that was behind the coming of Mufti Ismail Menk and  the talented Quranic Reciter and Imitator Noumany Ali Khan among other International guests have yet again prepared the platform for another Islamic Guest-John Fontain; a British-based Muslim who later converted to Islam.

Program Schedule for his visit in Sierra Leone

DateTime and Place
Thur 4th Oct 20188:00 PM
Voice of Islam Radio
Fri 5th Oct 201812: 00 PM-SLBC TV

1:30 PM-(Jumuah), Ilmu Zikr Masjid, Hill Station

Maghrib-Masjid Jamia Sheriffe, Circular Road
Sat 6th Oct 20183-6 PM-Da'wah Training at FOISIL Office (323C Baibureh Rd, Calaba Town).

Maghrib-Masjid Mahmoud, Kingtom Bridge
Sun 7th Oct 201810:00 AM-Da'wah Training at FOISIL Office (323C Baibureh Rd, Calaba Town).

2:00 PM-Salone Muslim's Got Talent Show @ Miatta Conference hall

Maghrib-Amin Central Mosque, Wellington
Mon 8th Oct 2018Maghrib-Bilal Ibn Rabah Masjid, Main road, Calaba Town.
Tue 9th Oct 2018Maghrib-Islamic Central Mosque, Circular Road
Wed 10th Oct 2018Maghrib-Masjid Ridwan, Lumley

10:00 PM-AYV Radio
Thur 11th Oct 2018Maghrbib-Mountain Cut
Fri 12th Oct 2018Maghrib-Masjid Nasru Laahe, Kissy
Sat 13th Oct 2018Maghrib-Masjid Mubarak, Lowcost housing, Kissy


Biography and more details coming soon…

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