A Muslim husband creatively and lovely gifted his wife a Certificate of Appreciation on her birthday!

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You might think Islam does not respect women or degrades them (which is a total propaganda from Mainstream media) and this Brother from Sierra Leone proves it wrong.

Bro. Hilal Amin Turay and Sis. Memunatu Turay (both from Sierra Leone) are two lovely couple for years now by the will of Allah. And to show how much he love and appreciate her, the husband surprisingly gifted her wife with what every woman desires from her husband (not money, jewelries, or any worldly luxury) but LOVE AND APPRECIATION expressed using technology-A CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION!!

Muslim Husband presented her wife a Certificate of Appreciation on her Birthday.

The husband later posted this on his Facebook account.

My beloved wife
As today marks another plus one and minus one in your life. I want to express my profound gratitude to Allah for keeping us in goodness. For indeed you are a living example of our beloved messenger (pbuh) hadith that says ” The world is a place of enjoyment and the best of all enjoyment of this world is a good wife”. You are truly the best wife by the will of Allah. I pray that Allah reunite us in paradise (janatul firdause) as husband and wife again out of His divine mercy. I love n proud of you so much for the pleasure of Allah. May Allah grant u more blessed days in this life and the best of days in jannatul firdause.
Ameen. I present this special certificate of Appreciation to you heartily on this your special day”. As the prophet (pbuh) said “Whosoever does not give thanks/appreciate his/her fellow man, will never thank/appreciate Allah”.

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