Sierra Leone Islamic Web: Celebrating One year of excellence to the Ummah.

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Statement from the Founder


For those of you who might not know:

The Sierra Leone Islamic Web was developed and launched on September 17 2017 at the Miatta conference hall as a website that will be geared towards providing authentic Islamic Information in Sierra Leone and beyond.

First of all one of the goals of the project was to ensure Islamic materials and media are easily accessible to anyone in Sierra Leone and abroad as well as providing authentic Islamic information in other to counter the fake news and propaganda surrounding Islam.

Till date our website have been visited 12,376 times and the contents on our site have been viewed 23,343 times from over 80 countries in all the continents in the world.


As the head of the project, little did I know this was my starting point to an even much bigger vision to where we are now Alhamdulillah.


Sierra Leone Islamic Web was later then merged into a company that we formed later on called One Deen Technologies to be an I.T firm that will provide technology to serve Islam and humanity.

But because of our thirst to implement more beautiful ideas which will even bring in greater impact to society, we adjusted ourselves for that and here we now have ONE DEEN (SL) LTD; a Multi-Service Company focusing on developing creative ideas for humanity in 3 main areas; Technology-Halal Business and Islam.

The company was registered early this year and Alhamdulillah with the company’s new Mision and Vision, we are now set to beautify the world with the beautiful ideas, services and products we will build together. 
In Shaa Allah.

At this juncture, I would like to thank Abdul Rahman Jalloh (C.E.O of Daqvah Charity Foundation) who was the first person I shared the “Sierra Leone Islamic Web” idea with after my wife, Sheikh Ibrahim Bah whom we all thought of the similar project along with Nooh Barrie, Mohamed Lamin Bah whom was there all the time as our Operations Officer and till now as our Operations Director and OIC, Alhassan Jalloh (former Financial Manager) and finally Sheikh Farouk Adam Bah who gave me more zeal and anticipation to work on this project and Alhamdulillah it became successful.

I would also like to thank our key sponsors and supporters: Mr. Muctar Turay of Synergy (SL), Mr. Ibrahim Talleh Bah of Talleh Investments, Dr. Amadu Bah one of our early suppprters, Sheriff and Fadja of Onlime SL and Mohamed Ibrahim Koroma who has always been there for us till date, Alhamdulillah they all supported our vision.


To all those who one way or the other have also supported us including our committed field workers, data collectors and advisers, it was really not an easy task but we made it Alhamdulillah and we want to say thank you.

To our site visitors we also say thank you for trusting us and visiting our website.

To finally my wife who was patient and supportive to all the 8 months it took us to build the project, with lots of late nights and busy schedules, thank you and I love you.

In Shaa Allah we have a long way to go to and with your support together we can make it happen In Shaa Allah.

Mohamed Keita
Founder and C.E.O
One Deen (SL) Ltd
Developing Creative and Impactful Ideas for Humanity

For support, advertisement and sponsorship, please contact: +232-78-803-448 / +232-77-078-255

Don’t Forget to Visit and enjoy more of it, coz we developed it for the Muslim Ummah to use.

Feautures Includes:

1. Worldwide Islamic News.

2. Islamic lectures from Sierra Leone.

3. Nasheeds from Sierra Leone.

4. Islamic places and locations in Sierra Leone.

5. Profiles of Scholars and Munsheeds.

6. International lectures, nasheeds, etc

And many more!

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