Digital Islam in Collaboration with Sabi Coding held a One Day Computer Programming workshop for sisters in Islam on the 15th of November, 2018 at Tornado Solution Building #3A Wellington Street Freetown Sierra Leone.

Sabi Coding is a open source initiative which is enable to expand the use of technology.

Islamic Edutainment Production S/L with the brand Digital Islam is a production which engineer technological and economic opportunities for Teenagers and Youths, they use education, Talent and Entertainment to empower young people, women and children, they also join in the advocate against haram (worldly) entertainment to MUSLIMS in Sierra Leone.

The Director of Sabi Coding Abu Bakarr Jalloh, the Director of Digital Islam Husain Hassan Kamara, one of the Admin office at Tornado Solutions Donald Faulkner and also Yasaru Jalloh a technology scientist were the motivational speakers and organizers at the workshop.

The one day workshop was based on women empowerment with the use of technology and computer programming (coding) where in women will be able to use technology as a means of survival, empowerment, creativity, and innovation as well.
The participants were 30(thirty) in number and all of them were given a certificate for a job well done because they were willing to work for the sake of Allah and to bring a change in their society.

The sad information was that one hundred and nineteen (119) females in Islam applied for the workshop training but unfortunately only the first 30 people were taken. However, both Company and Production wishes to organize more and a three days workshop which will be more beneficial considering the already past experience.

Thanks to all the attendees, Hope and pray more of this will happen InshaAllah with the help of Concern MUSLIMS.
for supporting a course like this, please contact:
+23279447730 / +23278036887

Thank You all.

Credit: Husain Hassan Kamara

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