Patriotic Advocacy Network (PAN)-SL Donates food stuffs to the Bombali School for the Blind.

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About three to four weeks ago we were called by sister Khadijatu Sow that is very well knowledgeable on the activities of the Patriotic Advocacy Network, Sierra Leone and what we stand for; without hesitant we answered and acted promptly.

This call humbly pleaded that we salvage the plight of the Bombali School for the Blind, as they had run out of food.

As aforementioned we decided to run a short term fundraising program that will aid the Orphanage.
Even though what raised was not sufficient, however on Friday the 30th of November we made donation of four bags of rice, five gallons of oil, a cartoon of maggie and a cash of 200,000.


This process was possible we with the assistance of the following individuals.
I therefore want to on behalf of the Patriotic Advocacy Network express our profound gratitude to these beautiful souls and great minds for their supports. People like Madam Kadijatu Sow, first, for the information and your support, Madam Cicilia Ajokeh Thomas, Mr. Adel Karim Dandas and Madam Lisa Faulkner.

Many thanks to the WAYN media team, Mr Mohamed Lamin and Mr Kenneth Koker.


Thus, with your little supports, made this course a successful one.

Maximum thanks to God Almighty for His continuous protection and provision.


By the special grace of God, we shall be visiting them in January 2019. Thus, your support is highly needed.


© PANSL Media Team

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