Al-Mu’minun Charity foundation in collaboration with Sierra Leone Muslim youth federation held a one day capacity building.

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As a Charity Foundation based in Fourah Bay College, USL, we believe in developing human capacities, knowledge, skills and values for better transformation & sustainable organizational development.

It’s against this backdrop that we organized a one day capacity building training in Leadership, Management & Organisational behaviour for some members of Al-Mu’minun Charity Foundation & Sierra Leone Muslim Youth Federation.
The Facilitator of the workshop was Mr Mohamed Bangura, author, poet and Lecturer at d Sociology and Social Work department FBC.

The workshop took place at Voice of Islam Conference Hall on the 23rd December 2018.

Over 30 Participants attended the training and everyone was certified a certificate of Participation after the workshop.

Al-mu’minun Charity Foundation is an Islamic nonprofit making & a nonpartisan Humanitarian Development Charity foundation helping to support the poor and needy in marginalised communities, working for their basic Human Rights, providing children, youths & adults the access to Education, providing the poor access to Basic Health Care and the means for Social, Economic & Welfare Support for the deprived.

Our Mission:
The relief of poverty, illiteracy, sickness, distress and suffering of any persons who are in need irrespective of their nationality, race, ethnic origin and religious beliefs.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to transform the lives of people in every spheres, so that things will be better for them on earth.

Aims and Objectives
1. To offer educational supports to less privileged, orphans & marginalized people.

Improving Education in marginalised communities, focusing on the following areas:
– Equal opportunities for all (irrespective of gender) have access to education.
– Enhancing quality in primary, secondary tertiary & non formal adult education.

2. To relieve poverty amongst vulnerable people in various communities.

3. To organise seminars, activities and forums that will empower young people to realise their potential.

4. To run parenting seminars and workshops that increase parents’ knowledge, skills, confidence and enjoyment of the parenting role.

Our membership is open to all ages, children, adults, the aged, Muslims and Christians.

Credit: Bro. Tejan Ishaq.

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