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Reported By:Mohamed Simbi Koroma.

Sierra Leone Islamic Web News Reporter.

Date: 14-01-2019
Concern Muslim Hijabis in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Muslim Womens’ Network(SLMWN) have expressed dissatisfaction on the challenges of Muslim women in Sierra Leone at a conference held in Voice of Islam Building,Circular Road.

SLMWN is an umbrella body which comprises various Womens’ organisations converging to eradicate challenges of ‘Hijabis’ and ‘Niqabis’ and to seek their welfare if and when necessary.

It’s in connection to such laudable step that a group of Muslim women together with the lead of the Concern Muslim Hijabees, Ammanatu met with Sierra Leone Muslim Womens’ Network to curb those challenges.

Speaking at the Conference Sis. Ammanatu told SLIWEB News Reporters that:”We are facing many challenges as Muslim women in Sierra Leone which we want to bring to the notice of the government.We are also advocating and creating awareness that we should be permitted to wear our Hijab in our business places,schools,offices and other places because even in America,muslim women do wear their Hijab to go for work and even at the highest government institutions. I believe Sierra Leone should emulate that practice as we claim to have 75% muslim population.”

President of Sierra Leone Muslim Women Missionary Union,Haja Mariama Fadika said:”Wearing Hijab is compulsory as it’s a command from Allah.But It’s unfortunate that our young girls are not employed after graduation in spite of their competence because of their Islamic dress code.Besides,many muslim girls are out of school because their parents are afraid they might ignore their hijab and loss their Islamic values.” “If this continues to prevail,there will be gender gap,but if this campaign succeeds,enrollment of girls will increase thereby giving them better chance of survival in the future,” she added.

Fatima Jannatu Bah a victim who had been humiliated because of her Islamic dress code,expressed her dissatisfaction:”I was sacked in 2010 because of my Islamic dress code. I was outrightly told that I was diligent,but they could not accept me because of my way of dressing, “I tried to let them understand,but they remained obstinated.As I speak to you I am jobless,”Fatima concluded.

Secretary of SLMWN,Haja Ramatu Idriss Kamara also told SLIWEB News Reporters that they had taken such step some years ago,but they did not succeed as they had nothing substantial to prove that they were being humiliated and discriminated.He continued:”Now!we have proofs.Therefore,we are ready to stand firm to win this fight.”



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