This 72-Year-old Muslim widow turned her house to a shelter for cancer patients.

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Moroccan Muslim widow has now transformed the loves of many by turning her house to a shelter for cancer patients. The thought arose to her after realizing how various people were forced to abandon outpatient treatment because of the expense of reaching the city and finding lodgings. This was reported by Ilmfeed on 9 January 2019, Wednesday.

Losing her husband to cancer in 2009, Khadija Ayad al-Qorti founded the Jannat Association to provide vital help and support to those living with cancer as well as their families.


She takes care of 15 women in her home, and rents a flat nearby to house 15 further individuals. One of the patients, Hassania Khayati aged 45 and a victim of breast cancer, told Reuters.

“We could not find anyone doing what the people in this association are doing for us. Even our relatives could not take care of us because we are poor.”

Qorti still relies on her late husband’s pension, roughly 450 Moroccan dirhams ($47.50), to fund the charity work she does. A similar effort to shelter cancer patients and their families was done by an Egyptian butcher who opened a shelter for patients coming to Cairo’s famous 57357 cancer hospital.

A 2017 research study by the ICO/IARC Information Centre on HPV and Cancer states that Morocco has a population of 12.83 million women aged 15 years and older who are at risk of developing cervical cancer.

Current estimates indicate that every year, around 2258 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 1076 die from the disease. Cervical cancer ranks as the 2nd most frequent cancer among women in Morocco and the 2nd most frequent cancer among women between the age of 15 and 44 years.

May Allah (SWT) bless Khadija for her kindness and care, and reward her in this world and the hereafter. Very few people today take such initiatives and execute proper action. Spread this message and let others know about the great efforts made by our fellow Muslims across the world.

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