300 Inspiring Individuals Shortlisted for British Muslim Awards 2019.

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Three hundred of the most remarkable British Muslims have been shortlisted as finalists for the 7th British Muslim Awards to be held on January 30 in Bradford, Oceanic Consulting said in a statement.

This year’s awards are presented by Trusted Utility Consultants and brought by Oceanic Consulting – the UK’s leading ethnic consulting and promotions organization.

“All finalists should be proud of the opportunity to represent British Muslims, highlighting all the wonderful achievements of this diverse and brilliant community,” Irfan Younis, CEO of Oceanic Consulting said.

“The 7th British Muslim Awards 2019 will be the best yet having seen of the influential leaders put forward; the awards provide a platform to thank those who do what they know best, thrive in their fields and provide future generations with inspirational role-models.”

“We wish all our finalists the best of luck and look forward to a night of celebration on the 30th.”

The Awards will be held at The Bradford Hotel where some of the most accomplished and influential individuals will gather for a glamorous night to celebrate their success.

The finalists are divided into more than 30 categories, with around 10 finalists in each one.

One of the finalists is Nasim Ashraf, who has been running his IT company, iiPlus, from Drake Street since 2014.

Ashraf, who co-founded the UK Education & Faith Foundation (UKEFF) charity in Oldham, told Rochdale Online he has been inundated with “thousands of messages of love and compassion” for bringing mosques and churches together during last year’s winter spell when temperatures plummeted.

Charity begins at home and we are the very fabric of Britain. Our loyalty, our struggle, and our energy must be directed here on our doorstep to remove destitution,” he said.

According to a 2014 census, the total population of Muslims in the United Kingdom was estimated to be 3,114,992.

BBC also said that Islam is the fastest growing religion the northwestern European country, and its adherents have the lowest average age out of all the major religious groups.

The largest ethnic groups of Muslims in the UK are Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Smaller groups are Indians, Arabs, Kurds, Turks, and Africans.

Source: http://aboutislam.net/muslim-issues/europe/300-inspiring-individuals-shortlisted-british-muslim-awards-2019/

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