Over 40 Islamic Institutions in Sierra Leone disassociate themselves from “Forum of Islamic Organizations for Peaceful Co-Existence”

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By Mohamed Taly Jalloh

Sierra Leone Islamic Web News Reporter.

Over 40 Islamic Institutions in Sierra Leone disassociate themselves from “Forum of Islamic Organizations for Peaceful Co-Existence”

On the 4th February, 2019, several national Islamic organisations and institutions in Sierra Leone came together and published a press release dis-assocciating themselves from an organization called “ Forim of Islamic Organisations for peaceful co-existence“ in Sierra Leone which was launched at the Miata Conference Hall in Freetown on Saturday 19th January, 2019.
According to the press release , the reasons for their disassociation from the aforesaid organization are as follow:

1. Sierra Leone is one of the most religiously tolerante country in the world. As a result there is no need for such a forum.

2. Establishing a forum for peaceful co-existence among different sects will only confuse the masses as to the difference between these sects and which to follow. This may lead to unnecessary division among the Muslim Ummah in the country.

3. A memmorandom of Understanding by the these main sects within the country under the supervision of the necessary government agencies was signed in 2013. This MOU commit all parties to adhere to the principle of peaceful co-existence and mutual respect for each other . This MOU is sufficient to maintain Peace and should be adhered to fully.

4. The creation of the aforementioned Organisation is unnecessary and alarming as there is no inter-sectarian conflicts or clashes. more so without proper discussions with many national Islamic Institutions.

5. As the country is enjoying much peace especially among different religious groups, starting such a forum is suspicious as to what is the intentions of the organizers.

Because of these reasons , these Islamic organisations wish to distance themselves from the aforementioned forum and would like to encourage their followers and the general public to maintain peace and law abiding.

The Signatories of the press release sum up to forty seven national Islamic Institutions.

Download the Press Release Papers below:

1. https://sierraleoneislamicweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/PR1.pdf

2. https://sierraleoneislamicweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/PRESS-RELEASE-2-1.pdf







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