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Reported by Mohamed Simbi Koroma.

The Fourah Bay College Muslim Jamat has organised an Orientation Ceremony for freshmen/women at Physics Theatre,Fourah Bay College Campus,Mount Aureole.

This is an annual ceremony that is being organised to facilitate peaceful stay and to uphold the fundamental values of Islam on Campus.

According to the Public Relations Officer of FBC Muslim Jamat,Tejan Ishaq Kamara, “We thought it prudent to organise this Orientation Ceremony for freshmen because we want to additionally and properly orientate them about their purpose of being on Fourah Bay College Campus.Here in FBC,there are different factions.Others invite to cultism and other illegal social groups of which Islam is totally against.Therefore,we organise this event in order to remind freshers about their purpose of creation.

Speaking at the Orientation Ceremony,the Chairperson,Dr.Mohamed Abdulai Koroma urged students to be responsible.He said:”It’s Islamically accepted to pursue education,but in doing so,you must realise that you are a Muslim.As Muslims we have a responsibility to society.Allah commands us to call to good and forbid evil.No doubt! different groups are inviting you to join them.They say to you:” We are the black and white; we own the politicians and the politics of this country.”But,those are all fabrications.Therefore,shun the camps,clubs,cults,secret societies and make Allah your purpose.”

The Key note address was given by Mohamed Bailor Jalloh (Former President of the College Jamat) state that:

“If our university cannot produce God fearing individuals then our country will always end up getting the wrong people at the helm of affairs. So how about we start changing this country from where its potential leaders are trained? How about we instill God’s Consciousness in their hearts and minds at this level and spare us the future headache of corruption and impunity. I believe Religion is the tool.

Meanwhile,One of the freshers,Haja Kadijah Kamara expressed her gratitude:I’m happy for this Orientation Ceremony,and I feel inspired.The various speakers have motivated me to love and practice my religion everywhere I go FBC is not an exception.

In conclusion,Mohamed Solomon sesay another fresher gave Sliweb News Reporters his own perspective: Alhamdulilah! I am grateful to Allah for accepting me to witness this wonderful Orientation Ceremony.Indeed! I have learnt a lot; especially on how to refrain from those black and white misleading groups,I also want to urge Muslims on campus to stay away from misguidance.”

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