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Abbass Gbla, IOU Student Journalist

Direct Aid (Africa Muslim) Agency, donates over 500 copies of English translated Qur’ans to students of Forah Bay College

Direct Aid (The Africa Muslim Agency) on Friday, February 8, 2019 donated over five hundred copies of English translated Qur’ans to Muslim students at the Fouray Bay College campus in Freetown.

The aim of the donation, according to Direct Aid Officials in Sierra Leone is to enable FBC students to understand the Qur’an so that they continue the propagation of Islam and in fulfillment of the commandment of the Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): “Convey my message even if it be one single ayah”.

The ceremony coincided with Fouray Bay College Muslim Jaamat orientation organized for freshmen and women at the physics theatre and was witnessed by Dr Koroma, a senior lecturer and member of the Fouray Bay College Muslim Jaamat advisory council, and other key stakeholders.

Meanwhile the Direct Aid’s Representative, in his statement and on behalf of Africa Muslim Agency thanked the Fouray Bay College Muslim Jaamat for their effort in propagating Islam to Muslim students within the Fouray Bay College campus.

The president of the Fouray Bay College Muslim Jaamat, Abu Bakarr Fomba Swarray (Junior), in his response on behalf of his Jaamat, thanked Direct Aid, donors for this and others that they have been receiving from them over the years. He concluded that on behalf of his Jaamat and as usual, they are extending further appeal to the Africa Muslim Agency to consider the Muslim Jaamat for any subsequent relief aid or project.

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