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By Abass Gbla, IOU Student Journalist

Within the past few weeks, the Kuwaiti Charity Organization has supported various learning institutions with thousands of English translated Qur’ans and Islamic text books across the country.

On Monday 11th February, 2019 a total of 1076 English translated Qur’ans and other Islamic text books were donated to students at the Milton Margai College of Education Science and Technology at the Goderich campus in western Freetown. The donation exercise was held at MMCET Great Hall. However, the event attracted quiet a good number of students and lecturers from across various departments.

The exercise commenced when over 500 students benefiting from the donation were in attendance. There were a total of 576 English translated Qur’ans and 500 Islamic text books donated so far.

“The donation was aimed at promoting Islam and to give non Muslims the opportunity to have access to the Qur’an which would enable them to make a comparative analysis of Islam and their faith”, said the program coodinator.

The donation was appreciated by the students, with the number of beneficiaries being very close to 600 in all of the departments. College authorities were the official host of the event.

The principal of MMCET Goderich campus, Dr. Alhaji Al-Qassim Umar Jah said:

“They are particularly delighted for all the strides Direct Aid (Formerly Africa Muslim Agency) have made in Sierra Leone and thanked all of the sponsors. May Allah accept the work of this organization and protect all those who serve it”

The vice principal of the Milton Margai College of Education Science and Technology, Dr. Mohammed Allie Jalloh in his response, had full of words for praise:

“This was an outstanding donation. We are so happy to have been part of it. I want to say a huge thank you to all of the donors who worked so hard to supoort this wonderful cause. Also, I wanted to express our thanks to Direct Aid in Sierra Leone for the donated books and their previous support especially the construction of the college Masjid and we hope that the years to come will be better”.

Speaking at the event, a representative of Direct Aid added that, such donation and other similar projects implemented each year in many learning institutions across the country, are not designed to end, but shall have to continue from time to time and in different learning institutions and Masjids within Sierra Leone.

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