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By: Mohamed Simbi Koroma

The National Union of Muslim Students in collaboration with Sisters of Deenul-Islam has organised Inter-University Quranic, Quiz and Presentation Competition at the Institute of Advanced Management and Technology (IAMTECH) Amphitheatre, Kissy Dock Yard, Freetown.
NUMS is an umbrella body which covers different Muslim College Jamats., across the country, and Sisters of Deenul-Islam is also an organization which is geared towards uplifting the spiritual lives of Muslim women in Sierra Leone.

Speaking at the event,the President of National Union of Muslim Students,Mohamed Samu said:” I am highly impressed today because all the target goals we set,we’ve been able to achieve them all.All participants and judges came in time; as you can see the place is jam-packed; all institutions are well represented.However, the results will determine the outcome of the occasion.”

A representative of Sisters of Deen,Mariam Sidiq said:”Sisters of Deen is an organization which has been operating for seven (7) years.We have organised previous programmes targeting women such as National Quranic Competition,Quiz and Presentation for women, and we’ve been organising seminars and workshops in order to empower women.And, now, this year we are partnering with NUMS to organise this competition of which we also chose a specific topic on Women’s Empowerment.”

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the programme,Hilal Amin Turay said:”Alhamdulilah and I send prayers upon Muhammad (PBUH),His family and His companions.We thank Allah for seeing us through on this spiritual realm.It’s beautiful because the spirituality of students in different campuses especially in circular education is very much important. I also believe it’s nice to hold such programmes to revive the Islamic ethos in the activities of students by the will of Allah.And I want to thank NUMS and SOD for organising such programme.”

An eyewitness who was present at the occasion,Ibrahim Yajoh, told SLIWEB News Reporter that:”The programme is splendid because since this morning we’ve been here,and we have learnt many things, and everything has been going on smoothly.We saw females competing for 1 Juz of the Quran, and males competing for 2 Juz.Again, in the Quiz category and the presentation of which only the females compete on a topic that deals with Women’s Empowerment.I have also been inspired to read and memorize the Qur’an.”

The programme ended with the announcement of results.Fourah Bay College won the Quranic recitation for the female category and the Quiz for the male category.Njala University won the Quranic recitation for the male category and the presentation.And IPAM University won the Quiz for the female category and the football match.

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