We deserve more Security and Moral Support from the Government of Sierra Leone

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The country director of IHH Foundation, Fikret Guler is calling on the Government of Sierra Leone to provide more security and moral support for their institutions and activities. This is as result of the ugly event that took place on the 13th of March, 2019 in which they lose their primary and Secondary school -Istanbul International Islamic School to a fire accident. According to him, the financial loss is not an issue as their sponsors are very ready to reconstruct all the buildings they lose. His concern is the action of some of the people that came inside the compound and break into their offices and stool many valuable things. He furthered that they have not got the moral support they deserve from the central government.
The mob stole electronic equipments that worth about $25,000. When asked about the cause of the fire, he said they believe the fire was ignited by wicked individuals because it was not around the kitchen and the next compound is a football field. They have been experiencing theft since they started operating. Even some of their workers are sometimes caught trying to steal building materials and food stuffs of the orphans.
He said, he is not surprise that there are some wicked individuals around the community who would try to derail their efforts, because every society have some bad people. His concern is the reaction of the Muslim Ummah and the central government towards such bad people. Society must stop these bad people that do not want development for their people. He believes that community is isolating them at a time they need support. He said stealing is very rampant to the extent that he sees it as national sickness that Religious leaders must pay special attention to.
He said, the examination classes have started having their regular classes on Monday (18th March, 2019). They are about to start reconstruction of their lost buildings. He is hopeful that by next academic year, full classes will be available for all their students.
Fikret Guler is a Turkish who has worked and established Universities in Somalia and Syria. He is also the director of Istanbul International Islamic School which is located at Kissy town, Waterloo Western Rural District. This is the school that was completely burned down on the 13th March, 2019. The school is designed to provide high quality education for hundreds of orphans and students alike.
He concluded by saying that, they doing all they are doing not because they are rich, but for the sake of Allah and to extend the Muslim brotherhood among the many Races in the religion. So they see all these obstacles as a test from Allah. They will continue to stay and provide enough support to the people of Sierra Leone. So he calls on the Muslim Ummah of the country and the Government to give them security and moral support to achieve their goals.

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