First Islamic/Modest Clothing Boutique opens in Freetown.

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Reported by Mohamed Taly Jalloh.

The stage of conception of entrepreneurial company is always exiting. A person identifies a large need, conceives an elegant solution to the need (Silver; 2007). This is the story of Aisha Bah and her sister, Hassanatu Bah. They saw a need for the Muslim population of our country to have one stop point to buy their Islamic dresses. Before now you have to buy the used cloths or you go for those coming from Guinea. The Hijabs coming from Guinea are mostly black and made from polythene. They absorbs and retain heat, this made them very uncomfortable especially during hot days.

These young entrepreneurs decided to open ANIQ MODESTY Boutique, where you can have your. hijabs, turbans, skirts, abaya , coats, full dresses and many more.

Their products come in different colors and made from high quality materials like cotton. The time has come for you to dress modestly without the worry of heat. The hijab will now be normal part of your dressing with different colors base on your taste.
You can check them out at 34 Regent road or you give them call on +23275081508. Support a Muslim owned business because it will only make the Ummah stronger.

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