One Deen in collaboration with Fourah Bay College Muslim Jamat has hosted the First One Deen National Islamic Conference at the Adjaie Crowther Amphitheatre,FBC Campus on the 21st April 2019.
The conference was geared towards establishing a firm connection between the Mass Population( Both Muslims and Non_Muslims) and the scholars, influential speakers and Islamic stakeholders at a grand scale.The main objective of this profound conference is to provide a platform for Dawah,public enlightenment,scholars raising awareness and to guide Muslims in their daily lives.
While at the conference,the guest speaker from Ghana,Sheikh Abdul Nasiru Deen said he was indeed privileged to travel from Ghana to Sierra Leone even if it were just for five minutes once it’s for Allah and His Prophet(SAW), he was satisfied.He further said Spiritual Excellence as a solution to contemporary challenges is when there is quality and high productivity in the achievement of purpose beyond expectation.”Life without purpose, purpose without worship, worship without character, character without advocacy(Dawah), advocacy without unity and unity without leadership is the thing that has precipitated the challenges and problems of Muslims.So because we are not united that’s why there are problems in the world.”
Brother Hilal Amin Turay, spoke on the Role of The Muslim Youth in the development of Islam said:”Muslim youth must seek Islamic knowledge not only English because there is no Dawah without knowledge and no knowledge without good character as knowledge without good character is unfinished product.” He also urged Muslim youths to choose a good spouse for Islamic development.
Brother Abdul Razak Mansaray( Imam Razi) spoke on The Effects of Science and Technology In The Life of A Muslim.He said:” Technology has created impact in the lives of many people; Muslims must not be carried away by technology because it has many negative impacts.And Muslims should regulate their technology usage in Ramadan.”
Meanwhile, Sis. Ammanatu Ajibola Thomas said:”Hijab is a complete way of life and It’s Allah commandment.Wearing Hijab is a symbol of assurance of protection and security.But Hijab is not about putting on tight dresses.” “If Muslim Women don’t value their Islamic dress code,they themselves will hinder their modesty”,she added.
Sheikh Chernoh Ibrahim Bah who spoke on Steadfastness As A Key To Success said:” Knowledge is the first step to Steadfastness,and Tawheed(oneness of Allah) is the greatest step to Steadfastness.Therefore, Steadfastness can only be recognised by faith and sincerity.”
Sheikh Farouk Adam Bah said that:” Everyone does mistakes, but what is most important to Allah is getting back to the right path.A Muslim must identify the truth and follows it.Because shaitan identified the truth and neglected it, that’s why Allah reduced his status.So Allah has given us the Quran and the Sunnah of Muhammad(SAW) to guide us to the straight path.”
Speaking at the conference,Dr. Ramadan Jalloh said:”Supplication(Dua’h) is the spiritual weapon of the believer.But many have neglected it.Dua’h changes situation_what has happened,what is happening and what is about to happen.However, engaging in major sins nullify acceptance of Dua’h.One should also perform the right procedures for his/her supplication to be accepted.”
President of Fourah Bay College Muslim Jamat, Abubakarr Fomba Swarray Jnr. told SLIWEB reporter  that he was impressed with the turn out of young people even though the place was not entirely full.” But youths are the main target as they can easily curb challenges faced by Muslims.”

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