Masjid Al-Ridwaan is reopened.

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By Mohamed Taly Jalloh
The government of Sierra Leone have reopened the Masjid Ridwaan at Lumley few days before Ramadan. Masjid Al Ridwaan was close for some months because of an impasse between the Jammah and a nearby station. The late Sheik Muhammad Marrah, Former Amir of Al Ridwaan Foundation in an audio few hours before his death, called on all stakeholders to continue to agitate for the opening of the masjid. Ibrahim Bah, secretary general of Al-Ridwaan Foundation said they are happy and humble to regain their masjid. He thanked the general leadership of the Bio Government to see into the needs of the Muslim community in the Lumley area especially on this month of Ramadan by reopening the Masjid.
Most of the electrical appliances were looted and they have a long way to go before they can replenish their lost items. The Masjid is made up of corrugated iron sheets. It can take up to one thousand and five hundred worshippers. The Masjid also serve as a learning and a humanitarian center in the community. You can sense the happiness in the people as they perform their first Isha’a and Nafillah prayers of the month of Ramadan.
The fuel station in question is still having a case at court against the Jammah. The Jammah is accused of causing a fire on the station during the conflict. Sheik Ibrahim denies any involvement and pray that the courts do not find any of their member guilty as they are innocent.

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