DAQVAH Provides Iftar in Four Districts.

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By Chernor Muaz Bah

DAQVAH Charity Foundation as part of its Ramadan activities has successfully organized a four-day iftar (fast breaking) in Kono, Bombali, Koinadugu and Kambia Districts. It started on Monday May 13th and ended on Thursday May 16th. In each of these districts, two hundred people were targeted per iftar. DAQVAH provided funds to different Masjids in four different communities across the districts to prepare iftar so that Muslims who are finding it difficult to break their fast would have the opportunity of breaking their fast with ease.

This kind venture was appreciated by all the community people and the imams of the various Masjids. Alhaji A.M. Bangura, the President of the Supreme Islamic Council, Kambia District said that for quite a long time now, Sierra Leoneans only loved to received and don’t want to be donors. He said that he would recommend DAQVAH with no hesitation since DAQVAH has introduced a project where all Sierra Leoneans would be donors and benefit the less privileged in hard for reach communities. He added that usually, money is sent only by the Arabs to organize iftar or any Islamic development and therefore, he is happy that DAQVAH has now taken the lead to raise funds locally and help support the needy. “I will ensure that my money is added to such beautiful project to have eternal reward,” he ended.

At the Magbenteh Polio Camp in Bombali District, the Chief Imam, Sheikh Idriss Muhammad Conteh, described the gesture as historic since the Muslim Jamaat was set up at the Camp. He expressed happiness, saying that as a small Muslim community dominated by the Christians; this move would motivate them to be steadfast. He appreciated the effort of DAQVAH and called on them to help in the rehabilitation of their mosque.

Chairlady, Polio Person’s Development Association (POPDA), Ramatulai Mansaray said the food DAQVAH provided for them benefited not only the Muslims at the camp but also Muslims in the surrounding communities and fellow Christians living in the camp. She thanked the givers for the gesture and prayed for more provision.

At Karako Sokralla community mosque, Koinadugu District, Imam Kalokoh said that he was extremely happy for his community to be selected among the beneficiaries. He thanked DAQVAH and prayed for all its donors.

At Mount Zion Community Mosque, a beneficiary, sister Isata said that the iftar was appreciated by the whole community. She added that this is the first time their community is receiving such gesture and she prayed that the foundation continues to support their vulnerable community.

In another development, DAQVAH distributed bags of rice and money to five family heads to sustain them throughout the month of Ramadan.

DAQVAH would continue it’s iftar this week (19th May – 23rd May), and would be targeting 200 people each in four districts; Kenema, Bo, Moyamba and Port Loko Districts. DAQVAH thanked all members who have donated to Bridging the Gap Ramadan Project and who made the iftar in various communities possible. DAQVAH now calls on the support of all its members and well wishers to please donate at least Le 25,000 to feed a fasting person for a day or Le 750,000 to feed a fasting family for a month.

To make your donations, please contact or send orange or africell money: +23276364966
9 Main Bass Street, Brookfields


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